Dmitry and Elena Malikova declassified the name of the son

Дмитрий и Елена Маликовы рассекретили имя сына The couple told how he named a second child. In early March, Dmitry Malikov admitted that the name of the son who was born at the end of January, they are still undecided. And now new parents finally made their choice.

The news that Dmitry Malikov and his wife Elena for the second time became parents, became a sensation. In his birthday, January 29, Dmitry confirmed earlier rumors that he’s now the dad of two kids and that his son was born. The famous singer and his wife have used the services of surrogate mothers, their heir was born in Saint-Petersburg.

Dmitry told reporters that he was not going to advertise the birth of a son, but already happened. A happy event in the family of the famous artist drew a mixed reaction from the fans. However Malikova not respond to criticism, and genuinely happy. The singer has long dreamed of the heir and now really happy.

“I am very happy. It has been well said that every man should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. I really wanted an heir. I have a wonderful daughter, I love her very much, but she will get married and will wear another name. And I really wanted to continue the race Malkovich”, – said Dmitry.

The birth of a son, in recognition of the musician and composer, has become a surprise not only to the public but also for those closest to you. That Malikova ready to be parents again, didn’t know their 18-year-old daughter Stephanie, or even grandparents. This he said in a Boris Korchevnikov in the “Destiny of man”. In the same broadcast, which was held in early March, Malik admitted that he and his wife still did not register the child because I can not choose a name.

“Listen to the suggestions of the audience… One of the options is Dmitry, but that is not my proposal to use my name. Will Dmitry Dmitrievich, beautiful. Or Yuri – in honor of our grandfather, even Fedor was the name of the great grandfather. Thought maybe Daniel, Dan… I wanted Alexander. Understand the man’s name must be the letter “R”. Yeah, like everything. But Lena’s dream about mark…” – said Malikov.

Elena dreams come true. Now the wife of Dmitry Malikov finally told reporters that her son decided to call mark. “Why Mark? The name of the international, strong, masculine. And the baby was born to the date when Orthodox Christians revere St. Mark”, – said Elena