Rules of behavior in a communal apartment

Правила поведения в коммунальной квартире 34-year-old concert the Director of my classmate DJ Groove killed his 77-year-old mother-in-law. The story, of course, terrible. And Denis Kalinin, immediately confessed to the crime, I justify not going.

The fact that Tatiana Svitova constantly nagged civil wife of the daughters, considering him an unworthy husband and father, not a reason to deprive a person of life. But they say the last straw in the family scandals was the agreement on which insisted the mother, and then hung it in the kitchen of the 100-meter apartment in Moscow with the subtitle “Rules of behavior in a communal apartment.”

All the nine paragraphs of this document, I, unfortunately, can not lead. But say, Dennis required to pay 50 thousand for each month, conducted by a grandmother with her granddaughter in the country, not to sit at the kitchen table, because he only, but also (and I quote) “keep up appearances” and in any case not to give Tatyana Ivanovna gifts. And the cost presented once a ticket to the Bolshoi theater, a bouquet of flowers and a screwdriver to deduct from the amount that the grandmother requests for service granddaughter.

What is included in this service, Tatiana is also prescribed. Namely: “Preparing the food, feed, pet clothes, stay as needed, I drive to class”.