Alain Vodonaeva became clear after the scandal with full people

Алена Водонаева объяснилась после скандала с полными людьми Leading took part in lively discussions on standards of beauty. Alain Vodonaeva answered questions from the public that emerged after the release of its resonant column about the fairer sex, who do not take care of themselves.

      Алена Водонаева объяснилась после скандала с полными людьми

      Not so long ago Alena Vodonaeva wrote made a lot of noise a column for the online publication. The presenter said he did not want to have anything to do with a full that not all women want to follow him. The article Alena was written that she is not very nice to be in the same room with those who have a sedentary lifestyle and eats a lot, preferring to harmful and high-calorie meals all the rest.

      Material Vodonaevoy affecting resonant theme, sparked heated public discussion. While some girls admired the column of the stars, which helped them finally to deal with them, while others found the material Alena sharp too. So full of people stood up ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. “Even if your body is magnificent forms — you are beautiful! Keep in heart the kindness! And when some say they do not go into the sea with fat people… I want to say: “and stay at home myself!..” – wrote a celebrity in his microblog.

      Recently in the program “live” decided to discuss the column Alena. The woman was not afraid to take part in the discussion of his material, and responded adequately to the statements of opponents.

      “For me, people with excess weight exactly the same problem as a severe drug problem. You may long to be indignant, but I, for example, is unpleasant to watch full woman on the beach eating pasties, and a man who similarly takes his dose. We women are obliged to take care of myself and monitor your weight, monitor their health,” said the leader.
      Алена Водонаева объяснилась после скандала с полными людьми

      At some point the discussion became too lively, and the Studio program has been scandal – designer Maria Pogrebnyak had a fight with model plus size Dilara Larina. She strongly provoked slender blonde and Alain Vodonaeva, do not skimp on the words. During one of the critical replica dilara, uttered in a raised voice, Maria could not stand it and got up from his seat. “Shame?.. Why it offends me?” said the frustrated footballer’s wife, leaving the Studio. After some time Belle calmed down and rejoined the discussion.

      Алена Водонаева объяснилась после скандала с полными людьми

      Hot topic also called ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. Unlike plus-size model, she did not make a scene and provoke the public. Soft and discreet shape, the artist expressed his disagreement with the opinion Alena Vodonaevoy.

      “Can you be kinder in this world and try to tell. I am opposed to doing it bluntly. Suggest and say “I don’t sit on the couch with a fat person” is not the same thing. There are dystrophic, which is terrible. Is this beauty? Beauty in the human soul. There are so many women that I know do not suffer from thinness, but they tightened. Importantly muscle tone and body,” said Anastasia.

      His point of view regarding compliance with standards of beauty also shared a lawyer Katya Gordon. A woman who recently became a mother for the second time, said that the fairer sex need to keep yourself in shape.

      “A month ago, when I gave birth to my second child, I had two options – to go into the clan of “normal” that my body simply would have done, or still try. Of course, the path to athletic and slender figure longer and more complicated, and this case needs is discipline. Alain law. She can be abrasive, but she says the right things… Easier just to say that we are good as we are, but that’s not true,” said the defender.

      In addition to caty Gordon, guests of the program were Alena Kravets, coach Yulia Pechersky, social activist Yevgeny Tarle and many others. In the final of the TV show Alena Vodonaeva said that the care does not require large financial costs. “Extra weight is bad, here to the fortuneteller do not go. And lead a healthy way of life can be cheap,” said the TV star.