“I always flew in last car”: the ring movie and the women in the life of Oleg Taktarov

«Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова The artist has an amazing destiny. In the 90 years he was engaged in business in 27 years went to America to build a career in the film industry, and also act in professional Boxing in order to pay tuition and to fulfill a childhood dream – to become an actor.

      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      Oleg Taktarov is a unique person, who always achieve their goals. From childhood he dreamed of becoming an actor, and in 27 years he managed to realize his plan. As recognized movie star, his other wishes also come true, and many meetings in his life were in truth crucial. On the eve of the television premiere of the film “Dead on 99%” “StarHit” planned interview with Oleg Taktarov. World champion, actor and strong-willed man is so fascinatingly told about the life abroad, the Outlook and the challenges in life that we decided to present his arguments in the form of a monologue.

      On the tenth of April on NTV channel starts the series “Dead to the 99%.” As recognized performers of the main roles, the film is not a remake and not an adaptation of foreign films. Oleg Taktarov has played a major role in the film. The man played a FSB agent Khromova who hunts mercenary Serpent. According to the actor, he was very accustomed to the role of the worker intelligence, but it was difficult for him to constantly control his emotions.

      Oleg Taktarov about dreams

      “I always fly in the last car. Despite the fact that I practiced martial arts since childhood, athlete, I was only a year and a few months. At the age of 27 earned the title of world champion in mixed martial arts. During this time I’ve done that I have to wash all my life. I became famous, and the test of fame – this is serious. Most people have a rather primitive life. When someone achieves success, not only in their own country, but abroad, you receive jealousy and envy from many detractors.

      Sometimes I go to those places that were described in the books that I’ve read. So, after the Jack London novel I was in Hawaii filming. There I talked with the local. They offered me to become a leader and to make a revolution, they do not like the American regime. The same situation arose after I had read “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. I handed the agent the tickets and said that we would be flying to Hungary. However, transferring at Amsterdam, I saw that the destination is Romania. Of course, I visited the castle Valda the Impaler, described in work, and other sights.

      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      Taktarov on the business in the 90s

      I also flew in the last car. Took in 1992, the credit under huge percent. But as a decent person, I paid off the loan, learn everything. First, I needed the money for food to run the business. And then I figured out how to create a product using the minimum money. I provided orders to factories, which at first stood, and received the goods. The production took place on those facilities that were adopted in the USSR. I found a diagram on how to download factory work.

      I was 26 years old, and I felt like an ancient man. Was year, was only profit, no credit and enemies. But I felt that I degrade. Was nothing new and was around a lot of threat from the outside and bodies, and criminals.

      What I was doing, it was not clear to anyone. I remembered the words of al Pacino from the movie “Scarface”: “us 50, there is a huge liver and will need a bra for the chest. And for this I live?” This phrase has been like a cold shower. I took the ticket and went to see what I haven’t seen.
      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      I actually was as a slave for five years. Then the staff thanked me, and hated. I paid them a salary three times higher than in other companies. Now their children are asking me for forgiveness. At that time I believed that the sport did not really achieved.

      As a businessman, I travel instead went to the competition. Left for two to three weeks, have won. It was a form of recreation. I’m leaving from Nizhny Novgorod somewhere. Think of all the people that went to hide money or something like that. I managed after fighting and relax. For four years, I was five times on vacation. Filmed all the performances in the ring in the video, assembled video. Then showed it to US. I am a hostage to this success. Also with the movie: played the Comedy role, can no longer play in the drama. The audience as if stamped. I appreciate the super-specialists, who understand what quality is. It would not be the title, it would be easier.

      Life in the United States

      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега ТактароваWhen I first started to live in the USA, my day began at 5:30, I ran to the inscription Hollywood.

      Then you can touch one of the letters, for it is now imprisoned. Then I went to English classes, which have reduced emphasis and enhance vocabulary words. After all, I knew nothing. I put myself in an English monastery and specially deprived himself of cheat sheets in Russian. After school went to practice Boxing and then to acting class. In the center, where Jane Fonda was filming a workout of aerobics, I was teaching JIU-jitsu, Sambo and judo. In the US, my seminars were in demand 20 years ago, and became popular in Russia only now. People in the States wanted to obtain the knowledge, of which there was none.

      American casting Director told me that it is possible to study only in six institutions. “But the best seventh “Playhouse West”. But you kicked out, as there is high demands,” he said. Yes, three times wanted to bulge. Teacher Robert Carnegie used to tell the following generations of Russian students the story of how I tried to kick, but didn’t succeed. They are proud to have been a pupil.

      The film “15 minutes of fame” I was forbidden to go to other specimens. I spent two years not removed. Thought was not ready. “It is evident that he plays, and lives” – and then told people about my works. Unfortunately, few of the actors such as in 20-30 years of XX century. I worked really hard. In addition to perseverance nothing helped. Teacher told us, as De Niro went to the auditions. He auditioned from Coppola, Scorsese. There are some actors that when they appear on the set, all charm. But the chief judge. It sees everything. It is always better to look at the product which is obtained on the screen.

      In the movie, the glory of athlete for me. I refused the role, because it was a primitive scenario. For the title I gave the money I received in Russia in three days. However, the opportunity came to work on the seminars and feed itself within 10 years.
      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега ТактароваI run from America. It started in 2003. I am more weary of life in the United States. I’m only here because of work, emotionally I’m uncomfortable. Here in India, I was fine. In the States, if you are constantly engaged in is happiness. When you stop, then comes depression, which in Russia, I didn’t even know.

      In my opinion, North America has not yet been created for the white man. There is a belief that it was conquered from East to West. White people came to San Francisco, where he built the Golden gate bridge. So, all suicides jumped from the Golden gate to the West.

      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      Taktarov on women

      I was friends with the husband of Oksana Robski. At one meeting she said that in my book “Victory at any cost, or… Up To the Top” for such a Chapter is “Small harem”, because that is what is interesting to the reader. I immediately warned that part of the work is small. Basically, I’ve described humorously, with humor.

      In Nizhny Novgorod there were a lot of women. But then they loved my money, not me. Though they swore up and down that it is not. They liked that I am an alpha male with which to establish a family and nothing to worry about for the future. One of the reasons why I went to the USA, was the hypocrisy that surrounded me.
      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      In the early 90s to meet a woman like this. First we went to the store, bought her some expensive clothes. Then we went to the party, then the elite club. And then I jacked brought the lady to the entrance of the house and put her another wad of money. For sex I had no strength, so I was tired from work.

      Learn to appreciate the warmth I was able only recently, in the last months. I’m too comfortable now happened in his personal life.
      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      At first his wife, Milena, I got married because I was ashamed. I first lived in the Dorm, it was very far to go to school, and three buses. Once she decided to spend the night. Her parents created the conditions… And then I became uncomfortable, so he decided to marry. But after a year we realized that different people. Milena has now grown to the heavens. She’s successful in his career, although it once communicated with questionable friends.

      In one of the shows Dibrov compared me with Martin Eden from the novel by Jack London. This character was the woman Ruth. So my fate was such. She read more than I do, and the knowledge was off the charts. And then it turned out that I had to make only one step to overcome itself and achieve the same level. A long-lasting relationship in which I was satisfied with everything that was in my life once.

      I was not married to mother’s second child, Kathleen. Then I just learned to speak English and began to understand some things. But we had a great talk with my son Keaton. With his second wife Mary also have good relations.

      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      About the movie

      “Dead on 99%” is quality material. I was honored to play the Colonel of the FSB. If you draw the perfect security officer, such I played. In my film there is no girl, no wife. Only the house is uzhik, we periodically speak. It was funny, when filming scenes with him was about the whole group. People came and recorded on mobile phones my conversation with uzhik. I gave the Colonel’s extra qualities. Stressed it inside, outwardly he shows nothing. All he feels inside. The Director called my game “the work of the spinal cord”.

      Alexei Chadov, who played two characters, a workaholic, he goes to the end. Don’t know how I survive. Besides, Alex has demonstrated serious skills in the ring, all he had done in the final stage.

      Now I’m working on the painting “Den of robbers”. On set, the Director asked me: “You had to spray water to the pot as well.” And I replied: “Why? You your spray. Our actors can do everything. Need 15 seconds to cry, ten – to sweat”. I got into painting almost by accident. I had to fly to Atlanta, I was given something that is incapable of local actors. But my character is more revealed in the second part, which I also plan to shoot. First, let’s see how will be in hire the film and how much is collected.

      When I played in the band “At the depth” is my hero for a long time remained in me. I came to the expert predictions. She told me that I do not live my life. It lasted a year and a half. Therefore, in the case of Chrome, I’m very glad he’s not settled in me for a long time, otherwise I have lost heart.

      Once three days are starving for the filming of the picture. My hero, first robbing a Bank and then going to London in a beautiful costume. So I decided to schudnut. The size turned out.
      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      In Syria, where I played scout in the movie “Trial by death”, I haven’t eaten in a month. They moved me from a five star hotel in the Arab quarter. I was in the room the bedside table. In the evening I drank a glass of raqqa, and in the morning Bedouin coffee. Also running around the desert in 47 degree heat in a sweat suit. The body periodistica. Then I came to play in Belarus, and the Director tells me that I don’t like the hero. “Correct!” he said. So I began to drink wine, eat cheese, ham. And I have a sick liver: increased half. I usually ask people why they brush different teas, you’re dirty? The body will tell you what he needs.

      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      About the gift

      The hardest thing for me is to talk. And then brewed drink mate and ready to chat. I difficult to meet people. If a person I didn’t like, I don’t always say it to him personally. For many years, learned to read people. In 1995 I did not have the guards, but there were thousands of fans who rushed at me. I can tell everything about a person from one look or touch. Per second to charge him psycho. It is such a gift. With women technique works worse. The fair sex are more close to the nature. They have emotions on the level of instincts and intuition. The movement and behavior of women, I sometimes “mirror” and men always set the boundaries. I analyze guys who surround me. It males. With them I have no conflicts.

      I don’t like to constantly fight. I can’t stand stubborn and stupid.
      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      By the way, once I gave the woman to the man. But he was a kind of “tote”, which helped me begin to speak. The woman also makes a choice. An indefinite life does not interest me.

      I can set my back better than the chiropractor. I feel hands, where it hurts.

      Injuries and Steroids

      My injuries appeared only in movie, in the battle just a little bum knee. I loved to run, but it hurt. Because through suffering you’re running 30 minutes, not two hours. So otherwise, I would wear the body. In the United States do not sell collagen mixture, the enzymes that help because the doctors back then will not work. Suggest immediately cutting.

      I played once with Ignashevich on a synthetic turf field in Miami. Knee was hurting from the beginning. Ran two hours, could not walk then a week. The doctors suggested surgery for big money. Three experienced doctors said, to cut, to cut, to pay. In Bulgaria I was told about the mage who heals all. It comes, kicked out of the football club “Barcelona”, since he’s the doctors left without a job. The healer says that the leg was out of joint. And for a long time. Took a crunch, and everything is normal. I even with a bum knee carried the Olympic flame in Nizhny Novgorod. Then I learned he had to straighten the joint, even stopped taking painkillers.

      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      I want to convey 25-year-old children that steroids are harmful. Half – success, the rest of the time period, it would not slide down. Who sat on steroids – all the sick people now. I had a fight in Brazil. I lost to a guy who used drugs. He could speak only nine months. Now he is sick of everything else.

      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      Children Taktarov

      The eldest son, Sergei, worked first as a businessman, was received well, but not as actors. But then the company went bankrupt. Now he works as a model. And his income is three times more. He and a friend organized the Agency. Now he has a good girlfriend, the other was a “tear off and throw”.

      Once the macaque, from which came the eldest son, the middle refused to travel with us by minibus in Miami. He saw this lady, who occupied a comfortable seat, and told them to go without him. Usually the senior spent part of my vacation the phone. He had a lady who was jealous and tormented him. And that’s why I let him in next time along with the girl to arrive. Now he’s like a normal girl.

      Medium, Keaton, loves life in the United States. He has Cherokee blood by 12%. He always goes to Hiking, there are girls more than boys. I think he played the role of his blood. Anywhere you can send: in the Arctic, and in the area of the Grand canyon. Even in Russia would have coped. But he is more experienced “outdoorsman” than me knows the name of every blade of grass. They have a serious travel club.

      «Я всегда влетал в последний вагон»: ринг, кино и женщины в жизни Олега Тактарова

      plans and predictions

      Indian astrologer said that after 50 life is just beginning. It was stupid to kill yourself at 27. I always put the will power in the first place.

      When I lost the first fight, I scolded myself. We’ve collected corny one such Manager. He made Russian tea. And there we poured a sleeping pill. Half an hour later we began to fall asleep. I came out of there with a broken arm, as he kept his word and delivered. And the second fight is a loser in Japan. But it was a feeling of happiness and enlightenment. The universe sent me a common thought: “Why did you come to USA? You’re a champion, it is impossible to repeat”. We had to leave.

      I want to finish the movie faster. But I dream to make a film that won an Oscar. When I finish this Gestalt, I can go and do what I intended. American cinema I don’t feel so. Russian – more or less. While the US has no experienced staff.”