Anna Kalashnikova showed passion with her lover

Анна Калашникова показала страсть с возлюбленным The actress gave a sensual photo shoot. Anna Kalashnikov dressed in underwear to convey as much tenderness with a lover. Fans were happy to see someone who was able to win the heart of bright beauty.

      After breaking up with fiance Prokhor Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova fully immersed in the work – she began writing songs, producing music videos and has continued to do business. Also the actress alone raising a young son, Danny, whose face she decided to show during a photo shoot for the “StarHit”. Anna Kalashnikova: “the Son called Prochorus dad”

      After a high-profile romance with the graduate of “factory of stars” Anna no longer tried to keep my private life private. However, fans were surprised by the photo of the actress, where she is depicted with a mysterious man. Kalashnikov bottom posing in lace lingerie. She gently pressed against the chest of his companion, and he, in turn, gently hugging her. Fans were delighted with such a sensual scene, but sorry that can’t see the man’s face.

      “Madness is when beauty is a strong sense”, signed photograph of Anna.

      Recently Anna Kalashnikov admitted that in her life a worthy man who won her heart. A young woman is glad that the operation for breast enlargement was so successful almost immediately after surgery she became even more interest from the opposite sex.

      Beloved gave Kalashnikova gorgeous gift – an expensive car. For Anna it was a real surprise – in fact with the new partner she was talking so long. Anna Kalashnikov received the gift of a car for 20 million

      “We met him on the second day after I had surgery for breast augmentation, Dr. Alexander Abakumov. A few days before that, I was left without a driver and was calling friends asking to pick me up from the clinic. Itself to get behind the wheel I could not. Volunteered to help one of my friends. So all of us began to turn”, – told the artist “StarHit”.

      Despite the fact that many fans admire the appearance of Anna Kalashnikova, a young woman strives for perfection. She recently ventured into surgery for removal of lumps bisha, to achieve the perfect cheekbones. Many could not believe that the celebrity is not very happy with my face and even ready to lie on the operating table to fix some of the shortcomings. Anna Kalashnikov removed the lumps bisha

      “Despite the fact that many consider me attractive, I don’t always like. I was worried about the asymmetry of the face, cheeks. I am very complexed about it”, – said Anna before surgery.