Al Pacino spent 77й birthday in kompanii former lover

Аль Пачино провёл 77й день рождения в компаннии бывшей возлюбленной

Mexican Cancun – a favorite place of American celebrities. Went back and Hollywood actor al Pacino to celebrate your 77й birthday. On the ocean a star of the cinema was seen in the company of his former lover, Argentine model of Lucila Sola, the age difference.. which is 40 years.

The lovers were splashing in the waves, hugging and kissing, oblivious to onlookers. And they say that you cannot step into the same river twice..
Recall that in June 2015, Pacino broke up with Lucylou after four years of relationship, despite the fact that a few months before that, al told all his friends that he is ready to go with her to the altar. Maybe this time he’ll be able to do.