“Chronicles of Narnia” great Director “the First Avenger”

«Хроники Нарнии» перезапустят с режиссером «Первого Мстителя»

Film series “Chronicles of Narnia” is on the list of the most successful and cash-profitable franchises. Since the release on big screens at the final part of the Saga it’s been seven and, as stated, the creators and writers, this time was enough to make fans miss the characters and the atmosphere of this story and wanted to see its continuation.

Today it became known that soon will be restarting the franchise. This is done thanks to the book “the Chronicles of Narnia: the Silver throne”, which will be transferred to the big screen.

The writing of the screenplay based on the book by cs Lewis will take the author of “Life of PI”, but directorial duties will be placed on the shoulders of Joe Johnson, who became famous as the Director of the first film of Captain America “the First avenger”.

The official date of the premiere of the movie yet. Is supposed start date of filming is also not determined.

Recall that according to the book, the main characters in the movie “the Chronicles of Narnia: the Silver throne” will be Justas Harm and a new character, whose name is Jill. Together they will journey to Narnia, where they must find a stolen child, who became king Caspian.