Kathleen Jenner is planning to run for President of the United States

Кейтлин Дженнер планирует баллотироваться в президенты США

In numerous family Kardashian-Jenner, Kathleen Jenner (formerly Bruce) is perhaps the most ambiguous character.

Man, the Olympic champion who lived on in years, suddenly decided that he was a woman and he urgently needs to correct the error of nature, with which he tried primeras throughout his life. The suspicions of many users of the Network that such a step Bruce dared to have some fun and earn a few tens of millions of dollars, are not so nieprawdopodobne.

Anyway, this spring, Bruce surgically cut all the unnecessary and became a woman. Now Jenner has matured in the new goal that she intends to bring to life – she wants to run for President of the United States: “This idea came to me after I found out about Kanye’s desire to nominate his candidacy in the next election. And speaking of parties, whose interests I would like to imagine that I am inclined to the Republicans. The only thing that can cause problems with is the fact that this party, unfortunately, does not support the LGBT community, whose interests I represent. So if by 2020 they will change their stance, I will gladly forward my candidacy,” said Jenner.

I wonder whether the ordinary residents of the United States to such a potential President?

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