Agutin amazed with the way God has changed over the years

Агутин поражен тем, как Варум изменилась с годами The actor spoke about how, over time, transformed the character of his wife. According to Leonid Agutin, Angelica Varum became more adventurous. The woman he proposed to, was a little different.

      Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum – one of the most strong and beautiful pairs of the Russian show business. Celebrities have been together for over 18 years. Recently, Agutin told how his wife had changed over the years of marriage. It happened in the program of the First channel “Alone with all”. According to the artist, Angelica never ceases to surprise him.

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      “At the insistence of the couple built the Cabinet. It’s amazing over the years, the Angelika has become so adventurous. I remember the woman I married. Could not even imagine then that she did. Angelica went to the neighbors and talked to them. Agreed that we’ll buy an apartment in another house, better. The apartment we are attached to him, opened the back door. Now I finally have a big office with tools and a sofa,” – said Leonid Agutin.

      He also admitted that he did not notice how the wife became mistress of their house. According to Agutin, Varum became a leader gradually. “When we started Dating and living together, I was home at all. I saw its purpose. Thought it was my little girl, which I will explain – how to sing, how to play orchestra. Like, I’m cool, I can rely on. And she patiently, year, second, third, all this endured,” said the singer. Agutin did not even notice, as wife forced him from the position of chief. Gradually he ceased to go to the kitchen and give professional advice. “It did not injure my psyche of the alpha male to admit that all he can”, – joked the artist.

      However, the fact that he is not the leader in the family, is absolutely not frustrating artist who truly loves his beloved. “I have a big problem. But in this lies my happiness… you Know, my wife is not stupid, that’s the horror. And she says sensible things. Even my critical mind doesn’t allow me to admit. Most often she’s right, I can only agree or not,” said Simon.

      The actor also spoke about how it relieves stress. According to Leonid, he likes to wash. Therefore, the family is referred to as a raccoon. “It calms me down. Can even hands, and, of course, in the machine. Home Affairs put in order my nervous system” – shared the singer.