Victoria Makarska shared details of the tragedy with friends

Виктория Макарская поделилась подробностями трагедии с близкими On the last day of October, many people celebrate Halloween. However, the known singer ignores it. Makarska has revealed details of the terrible accident that happened with her friends after one of the themed parties. Victoria relates the death of friends with a popular holiday.

      31 October – a time when many people celebrate Halloween. However, the 43-year-old singer Victoria Makarska is not among those, who dress up in costumes or cuts out the eyes of a pumpkin. The actress admitted that not celebrating this holiday for personal reasons. As it turned out, already lost some close friends. Their death is a woman connects with all saints Day.

      “I remember in the 90s in Vogue this strange holiday. We celebrated Halloween in the casino “Moscow”. A year later I found a photo where we all fooled around in makeup, and I was terrified. Our friend Enrique killed by smashing the head just as she was shattered on the ugly mask, which he jokingly pulled over this “holiday”. And my friend Kate, who died in a car crash, the photo was a face, made fake blood with the other side, where then the scars were already present. I didn’t go to Church… But looking at that photo, I never occurred to me to play with the devil on Halloween” – said Victoria Makarska to subscribers of their “Instagram”.

      Publication of the artist provoked heated discussion among her fans. For some, Halloween is worth celebrating. “Don’t see it as anything funny”, “Thanks for sharing… Scared”, “Never said”, “all saints’ Day is confusing,” wrote the followers of Victoria.

      At the same time, other subscribers celebrity noted that each decides to say something to him or not. “And remember Pushkin – fortune telling, mummers, these holidays we have!.. She didn’t celebrate Halloween, but very nice to look at pumpkins. And let him be stoned! Everyone has a head on his shoulders,” – expressed his opinion one of the fans of Makarska.

      By the way, not long ago, Victoria and her husband Anton moved to Sergiev Posad, where we finally finished renovating their family home. Earlier, the singer said that they did many things around the house with his own hands. District, which settled the spouses, is considered to be environmental friendly. Journalists reported that villas for sale Makarska cost of 15 million rubles. But before to become owners of real estate in the suburbs, celebrities lived in Israel. The couple decided to stay in this country as long as Victoria did not give birth to a second child. Recall that this is a happy event in the life of stars occurred in may last year.