Relatives of Vladimir Zeldin divide his inheritance

Родственники Владимира Зельдина делят его наследство The actor left the house and apartment in Moscow. Property claimed by third wife movie stars and three nephew of the artist. While it is known that the total amount of residential space is around 330 million rubles.

      Родственники Владимира Зельдина делят его наследство

      Eve didn’t become a famous actor Vladimir Zeldin. The artist died on 102-m to year of life in the research Institute of Emergency care named Sklifosovsky. The last few days, he was connected to the lung. According to several publications, the heirs will be eligible for two units of the prestigious homes. The day left the legend: the rules of life of Vladimir Zeldin

      After the death of a star theater and movie relatives deal with a question of inheritance. The property, which was owned by Zeldin, expect the third wife of the actor, the 81-year-old Ivetta Kapralova, nephews Nelly Gerasimov, Alexander Gurbolikov, Alexey and Kirill Vronskii. According to several publications, Zeldin left the apartment and a country house.

      Vladimir Zeldin was the owner of a two bedroom apartment, occupying 54 square meters. Housing is located in the center of Moscow, Nikon lane. According to realtors, it costs 30 million rubles. It is located in a brick building built in 1969.

      The second property of Vladimir Zeldin, which is to be divided to the heirs, is the house on the Avenue Marshal Zhukov, located in the conservation area of Serebryany Bor. Statesmen and billionaires choose their housing in this area as they like the air and a huge area. The starting price for a cottage in Serebryany Bor starts from 300 million rubles. As reported until the workers of the estate did not appreciate the value of the home Zeldin.

      The actor continued to perform in theater at the age of 101 despite the fact that health is not allowed to be a burden on yourself. It seemed that Vladimir Zeldin did not feel like an old man. “It is believed that the age people envy the young. But I always thought that you have to live so that young jealous of you, how you lived, how many seen, how many have experienced… and the feeling of envy I do not tend”, – told the artist in an interview.

      Many fans of the talent Zeldin just wondered what’s the secret to his longevity. According to the actor ,the secret in the complete absence of harmful habits. He never drank alcohol.

      “I think that a sober lifestyle helps me stay on stage for so long. And do not forget about physical activity: sports, physical education, movement and dance. At the time, I was fond of horseback riding, water skiing, working at the Barre in ballet class, but not smoked, drank. They say: movement is life, and I’m under that happy to sign it”, – said Vladimir Mikhailovich.