Агния Кузнецова попала в полицию
Popular actress starred in the new project of Alexander Gordon.

Nikita Efremov

Alexander Gordon is completing work on his new
directorial project “Uncle Sasha”. It’s almost a Chekhov story. Tired
the Director surrounded by loved ones, acquaintances, friends, colleagues — actors, and in
surrounded by all these people, he most acutely feels the loneliness.

Role in the film played by Alexander Gordon, Olga
Yakovleva, Anna Saliva, Nikita Efremov, Sergey Puskepalis, Agniya Kuznetsova,
debutante Isabelle Adlen and the world-famous pianist Boris Berezovsky. In addition
also in the film in the roles of demons, tormenting the main character, took part
Vasily Barkhatov, Peter Tolstoy, George Cherdantsev, Ivan Kudryavtsev.

Director and lead actor — Sam Alexander

“This is definitely a Comedy, he said. —
A bit of Chekhov, misanthropic, but
Comedy. The audience, of course, finds himself in these absurd repetitive circles
such a creative, a hell of heaven. The hero of “Uncle Sasha” always lived
only for themselves, to the end of his life to understand that remnants of itself it is not enough
even on the last in the career of the film… And in order to create the film, he
sucking the emotions of those around him. I guess I can call this
the scenario autocharge, irony. With my hero I have a
a bouquet of emotions — from pity to disgust”.

The young actor, who comes to the film,
played by Nikita Efremov.

“It was very cool
to work with uncle Sasha on “Uncle Sasha”, although simple shooting period
I would not call — said the actor. — Shooting is always a nervous process. I was
it is important to trust the vision of Alexander Garrievich Gordon, because he played
main role as a film Director. The combination of these
functions are always time-consuming, but Alexander
Gordon succeeded. Did I? I hope so. I am very
I wonder what will happen in the end. I want to believe, it will be an honest, fresh

The role of the police, who persistently goes to the home to the famous Director, played Agnes

“It was a great pleasure to work with wonderful
Director Alexander Gordon, — says the actress. For me, confidence is important
Director: when he invites samples, it becomes clear that
you he saw, and this credibility is just want to justify giving
project all your love, all your skills. Alexander is incredibly tactful in
set. It creates soft, a creative atmosphere, which is important for
of mood and attitude. I hope that the picture will be your audience and successful
hire, we tried very hard to make a film that will appeal to all who love
intellectual cinema”.