Скандал! Любовница женатого участника «Дома-2» заявила, что беременна
The words Elina Kowalska checked on a polygraph.

Скандал! Любовница женатого участника «Дома-2» заявила, что беременна

Andrey Chuev with his wife Victoria

Star “Houses-2” Andrey Chuev again got into the epicenter of the scandal. Elina Kovalskaya said that expecting his child. Interestingly,
the model claimed that from the moment of conception it’s been less than three months, which made even more confusion in the life of Andrew — because he had six months in relations with
19-year-old Victoria, who recently married.

Former member of “House-2” did not believe in interesting
Elina’s position and decided to prove it. Chuyev said the words ex-girlfriend’s false
and offensive, so he sent the brunette on the show Dmitry
Shepeleva “In fact” to check out her words on a polygraph.
The Studio program Andrew stated that she invented pregnancy to
to blackmail him and get part of the property. In a serious sense
girls star telestroke believes. As word about the baby.

“She was faking a pregnancy. And in no time!
One day she came to the “HOUSE-2″ to Gleb Zhemchugov and said
he slept with her on a rap tour. And now she is waiting for
his child. But it all turned out crap, because she even
was not find familiar,” said Chuev. During the program, it was found that Chuev rights, Kovalskaya
admitted that he lied. In the Studio model burst into tears, said that
invented pregnancy to be with Andrew. Chuev said that he loves
newly-made wife, and with Elina they had nothing
will not.

Elina Kowalska