Becoming a father for the second time, Ivan Zhidkov has changed

Став отцом во второй раз, Иван Жидков сильно изменился Just recently, the civil wife of actor Lilia Solovieva bore him an heir of Stepan. Throughout the pregnancy the couple actively shared with fans the latest news of family happiness.

After the divorce with actress Tatyana Arntgolts, which Ivan Zhidkov lived for about five years, the actor decided not to link their fate with the women. A long time movie star was one. However, after a while guy fell in love with model Lily Solovyov. New darling Zhidkova fast friends with Masha, the daughter of Ivan from his first marriage.

With Lily the actor met accidentally in social networks. After the virtual communication Zhidkova and Solovieva began a relationship. Here’s how Ivan remembers the first conversation with the beloved: “one day I Go online and see a page of stunning beauty! Text her: “Hey, babe, it’s nice out…” She answered me shortly. By the way, Lily didn’t even know that I’m an actor. Well, here we are together. And now we have an additional Step” – smiling guy.

During the nine months Lily told fans on Instagram, how is her pregnancy, how she feels, sharing bright shots of family life with John and his daughter Mary. It is worth noting that Soloviev doted on the girl.

The actor, in turn, told the journalists, what are the sensations experienced when he became a dad for the second time. At the time of birth of Lily Ivan was with him, but – via a video link. The actor steadfastly withstood this test.

“To faint because I was lying when I followed everything. But I’ve changed, that’s for sure. After I saw how the light appears a new life was different for all to watch. Perhaps, became more aware. By the way, doctors who took Lily’s birth, I now invite you to their performances”, – shared his impressions and thoughts of the artist.

According to Zhidkova, he has already introduced the oldest daughter Masha with her brother. The actor said that the girl was not jealous of step parents. On the contrary! Helps them to swaddle and soothe your baby.

“Very pleased with the fact that this time my wife is not an actress, so she has the opportunity to sit in a normal maternity leave. Lily spends much time at home that sometimes I still take her to their performances. Because if you do not take out of nowhere her husband, she may go mad,” said Zhidkov.

The actor has shared with the publication “the Source”, that can with confidence say, “I love Lily!”