Агния Кузнецова планирует усыновить ребенка The actress is worried that she will not have time to give birth to several children. Now Agnes Kuznetsova 33 years, but because she is questioning whether to take on the upbringing of the kid from the orphanage. The husband of the actress believes that it is not necessary to hurry.
Агния Кузнецова планирует усыновить ребенка

In September 2015, the year Agnia Kuznetsova has linked his life with dancer Maksim Petrov. So far, however, the couple fails to have children. In mid-July, the actress celebrated a birthday – she turned 33 years old. She admitted she always wanted a big family, but worries that her dream can not be realized.

Agnes, together with her husband thinking about how to take the baby from the orphanage. Kuznetsova admires those people who found the strength to raise foster children as their own.

“Generally, in my opinion, the family must be large. I understand that I have thirty-three years and I’m unlikely to face three or four children. And because I am opposed to artificial manipulation, thinking about how to take a child from the orphanage. I admire couples who adopt kids who are in difficult situation, and raise them as their own. For me all children are the same, everyone needs love,” says the actress.
Агния Кузнецова планирует усыновить ребенка

Immediately after the wedding, in 2015-m to year, began to talk about the fact that Agnes was expecting a child. She wore loose outfits, and her friend Valeria Gai Germanika was also in a position. Then the actress did not seek to justify to the fans because they all became clear when after a certain time in a couple’s life, nothing has changed.

“In the first year of our marriage, I was somewhat relaxed: worked for a bit, we traveled. I just ate, slept, rested and recovered in the end for a few pounds. Weigh fifty-nine kilograms and the height one hundred sixty, and now — about forty-nine. My cheeks didn’t come into the frame. I remember starred in the military movie “the dawns here are quiet”, and there was this text: “Foreman says: eat and what is bad as the rook”. This text had to be cut,” – says the artist.

Агния Кузнецова планирует усыновить ребенка

Agnes and Maxim believe that the family must have more than one child. Besides, Kuznetsova doesn’t want to have kids was a big age difference – she understands how uncomfortable this is. The actress admitted in an interview Womanhit that only now he and his brother found common ground. “We have a very close relationship, but I wish I had another sister… And Maxim has a very powerful clan in the Altai: brother, cousins, nephews — there’s a huge family,” said the artist.