Сын Степана Михалкова о мачехе: «Мы нашли общий язык» Son Stepan Mikhalkov, Peter gave a Frank interview. He said that located in a wonderful relationship with the father, and with his new wife. 16-year-old heir to a famous dynasty spoke about his girlfriend.
Сын Степана Михалкова о мачехе: «Мы нашли общий язык»

Stepan Mikhalkov, unlike his siblings, was not chosen creative profession. The son of Nikita Khrushchev is actively engaged in the business and privacy dislikes. That is why the revelation of his successor aroused the great interest among fans of the famous clan.

16-year-old Peter Mikhalkov clearly intends to become the pride of his relatives. At least the young man now engaged in business, excellent learning and making big plans for the future. The heir to Stepan Mikhalkov, is also trying to maintain a trusting relationship with his father, despite the fact that his parents divorced.

“My dad and I go for a vacation every summer together. Usually in Turkey. We have apartments there, and dad fell in love with this place. It is an hour from Izmir. A provincial town. There is a very cool, very tasty and the people friendly. But if dad can’t see because of some Affairs, then talk on the phone. In Moscow we go along in the movie, then football. Elizabeth (new wife of Stepan Mikhalkov — approx. ed) we quickly found a common language, you can always talk to her on any subject”, — said the heir to the famous dynasty.
Сын Степана Михалкова о мачехе: «Мы нашли общий язык»

We will remind that Stepan Mikhalkov and his first wife, Alla, had three children. However, the 12-year marriage eventually ended in divorce. The last ten years, restaurateur happy in a relationship with model Elizabeth Ilyina, gave him a year ago son Luca.

Stepan Mikhalkov showed the grown son

In an interview with 16-year-old heir to Stepan Mikhalkov has told, that manages not only to learn but also to do business. Now he and his friends engaged in production of caps with a unique label and design. According to Peter, this work still does not bring much income, but helps him to realize his creative potential.

Missing 16-year-old boys and time for a personal life. With his girlfriend Paulina, he meets and those relationships helped him become more confident.

“We met three years ago. Her younger brother also studied in the school JIU-jitsu Gymnasium, and she came to watch. We knew each other in person, but I personally was not familiar with. And then ended up in the same school. Most of the time. I switched to another, then met her mom for the workout, she asked me how I new school and put Pauline in there. Well then spun. And here we are almost a year meeting”, — shared memories of Peter.

Of course, son, Stepan Mikhalkov, understands the level of responsibility assigned to him from birth. Still, Peter is heir to the most famous clan in the country. That’s why he wants to finish school and get engaged in business.

In an interview with Peopletalk Peter admitted that he is not considering acting or directing career. Apparently, the young man, like his father, who became a successful restaurateur, attractive business area.

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