Александр Овечкин и Анастасия Шубская ищут няню для ребенка Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Subsky in late summer for the first time become parents. For a long time she hid the pregnancy and later admitted that he had kept secret the good news for hockey matches spouse.
Александр Овечкин и Анастасия Шубская ищут няню для ребенка

For the first time that the family is coming replenishment Ovechkina became known only in early June, on the occasion of the victory of the hockey team the Washington capitals, where he came under the arm along with his pregnant wife.

Anastasia admitted that expecting a baby does not prevent her from attending the games husband and support him in every way. And Alexander, smiling, said — now rooting for him, two, that gives him a special confidence.

“When you feel support of the native people, the sea knee-deep. And this season I was hurt just two – Nastya and our baby. I had no right to lose”, – said Ovechkin, who won this summer, the Stanley Cup.
Александр Овечкин и Анастасия Шубская ищут няню для ребенка

It is worth noting that the rumors of the pregnant girls went in April, but the couple was in no hurry to confirm. For months she hid his position, not wanting to attract too much attention to her husband in the midst of his decisive battles on the ice.

“When we found out that we are having, emotions were running high. I’m still in seventh heaven. At first we told only our closest family and friends later that month, on the fourth. It is not superstition. About my situation started to write in the midst of the playoffs. I didn’t want to distract Sasha from hockey and knocked his attitude. We weren’t hiding – waiting for the right moment. And he came,” admitted Subsky.

Nastasia admitted that during pregnancy has become too fractious. According to her, the renowned spouse must be a monument for patience.

Александр Овечкин и Анастасия Шубская ищут няню для ребенка“I often think about what my husband needs to put a monument. He has to endure all my “pregnant” mood swings. I’m so uneasy character – I the Cock according to the Eastern calendar, Scorpio is your zodiac sign. No idea how Sasha survives all this. He is very caring, takes care of me, keeps me warmer dressed, did not eat anything harmful. I especially try not to act up, but for pineapples and watermelons in the supermarket my husband had to go because I suddenly wanted,” shared Subsky.

The celebrity couple has already signed a contract with the American clinic and designed the nursery for her unborn child. To help the expectant mother will arrive elder sister Maria.

“And later we’ll hire a nanny. I’d like to see the child slept in a separate room and me and Sasha it is important to sleep. Therefore, the assistant us will definitely come in handy,” – said Subsky.

The sex of the baby Alexander and Anastasia kept secret. Ovechkin hinted that soon all of them will tell fans and reporters.

“I know one thing: the daughter of hockey will not give, although it is now becoming popular. It is better in the post. But seriously, it is quite possible that my child will have any other talents, not necessarily sports. And I too will be very happy,” said Ovechkin in an interview with “Hello”.