Agata muceniece has published intimate correspondence with her husband

Агата Муцениеце обнародовала интимную переписку с мужем The actress demonstrated how their long-distance communication. Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny spend a lot of time apart due to filming, but find a way to stay up to date with all that happens with the second half. The artist is not afraid to open “StarHit” the contents of her phone.

      Агата Муцениеце обнародовала интимную переписку с мужем

      Actors Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny always been quite Frank with the loyal fans. The couple regularly shares family snapshots and details of life together, sometimes revealing personal details. However, this time the “StarHit” managed to see a little more. We looked in the phone agates and found a report for my husband, secret of success, and even a hot kiss.

      On the desktop gadget stars “Civil marriage” emblazoned with the husband – it Agatha passionately kissing a loved one. Because the couple have not so much time that they could spend together, they have to yearn and wait for new meetings with each other.

      “Due to the tight schedule of filming begins to miss her husband and children, – admitted the actress. – So for the Intro I loved Pasha. As a mother of two kids downloading a lot of different games, especially educational. Along with Timosha learn animal sounds, colors, words, art puzzles, and soon MIA will be joining us. By the way, in my phone there is one life hack – Sleepy sounds. Well, how else to put to sleep my large family?”
      Агата Муцениеце обнародовала интимную переписку с мужем

      Among the applications used in the phone stars we also found a popular program Snapseed, it makes Agatha processes the images, which see subscribers to its microblog. “Like all girls, I love to do selfie and photograph children – 4-year-old Timothy and 10-month-old MIA! The best shots are immediately sent to the editor, and that you know how it goes: a little sleep-deprived or light not so fell, but the app will fix it” – shared the actress.

      Among the many programs, games, photo editors and other applications in the gadget star, we found her correspondence with her husband. As it turned out, Agatha and Paul are constantly connected – a young mother tells Prilichnom about the children when he’s not home, and also making fun of him, provoking serious threats like “Cover!”

      “WhatsApp tells Pasha everything that is happening at home while he’s not around,” says celebrity.