“The Soviet Dissenters” died at 73 year of life

«Советский Раскольников» скончался на 73 году жизни
Colleagues lamenting the loss of George Taratorkin.

George Taratorkin


Today was not the people’s artist of Russia Georgy Taratorkin. The famous actor died at the 73rd year of life. Information about the death of George confirmed on the official website of the theater. Moscow city Council, where he served for over 40 years.

“The theatre Mossovet with deep regret informs that on 4 February 2017 after a long illness died people’s artist of Russia Georgy Georgievich Taratorkin”, — stated in the message. The news was on. what Taratorkin has serious health problems appeared in the press last year. Colleagues and fans of George are deeply saddened about his departure.

Taratorkin became famous after the release of the Soviet film “Crime and punishment” in 1969. George brilliantly embodied the image of Raskolnikov will forever remain in memory of admirers of his work. In 1974 he was invited to work in the theater. City Council, to which he remained faithful until his last days. In the movie he would appear in the form Streltsov play “They fought for the Motherland”, Ivan in “the Brothers Karamazov”, Karenina in “the Living corpse” and many other roles. In addition to working in theater and film, Taratorkin was President of the Association “the gold mask”.