Gone from the life of Georgy Taratorkin

Ушел из жизни Георгий Тараторкин The famous actor died after a long illness. Last year in mass media the information appeared that the actor has serious health problems, which ceased doing business and has directed all efforts on the fight against disease. On the death of the man reported the press service of the theater of the Moscow Soviet.

      Ушел из жизни Георгий Тараторкин

      George Taratorkin has died on 73-m to year of life. Recently the actor celebrated his birthday, but three weeks after this event he died. Sad news reported in the Mossovet theatre, the walls of which began the creative activity of the actor. He received a job offer in 1974, after he played a vivid role in the movie. In 1969, the screens out the film “Crime and punishment”, the plot of which was based on the novel by F. Dostoevsky. The way Raskolnikov realized twenty-five Taratorkin, who surprised the audience with a brilliant game.

      Forty years of creative activity within the walls of the Moscow city Council has firmly secured the name Taratorkin among the best actors. The man struggled with a serious disease, but could not recover. According to the representative of the Moscow Soviet theater, the farewell to be held on Monday, February 6, and the place of burial will be announced later. All the fans of the artist will be able to come and honor his memory.

      Ушел из жизни Георгий Тараторкин

      Obviously, for many colleagues and friends Taratorkin this tragedy was a real blow, despite the fact that the disease is very long time did not let go of the man, depriving him of the opportunity to return to a favorite scene to perform rehearsed roles. On account of the actor dozens of works in theater and film. Of course, a large part of the life of George G. passed outside cameras under the floodlights of city Council, but the fans still won’t forget that Raskolnikov.

      Recall that the title of people’s artist of Russia Georgy Taratorkin received in 1984. He soon became Secretary of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia and the President of the Association “the gold mask”. The activity of the actor outside the theatre anyway, was respected by the partners at the stage. The man carried out numerous charity concerts, organized public seminars and shared their own experiences.

      Ушел из жизни Георгий Тараторкин

      Some viewers Georgy Taratorkin remembered for his roles in the TV series. Among the most popular works, it is worth noting the “Saviour under birches”, “the Chronicles of love and death”, “Chess” and “Not born beautiful”. In 2013 the artist took part in the shooting vosmiseriynogo spy series “From where the Motherland begins” from Director Rauf kubayeva played scout Dmitriev.

      The actor was married to actress and writer Ekaterina Markova. They met while working on “Crime and punishment”. Since then they were inseparable. The couple have a son Philip and daughter Anna. The successor graduated from the theological Academy is an Orthodox priest. The daughter went in his parents ‘ footsteps and decided to become an actress. The children had to give to George G. and Catherine G. three grandchildren, Nikita, Fyodor and Mikhail.