Against Charlie sheen opened a criminal case

Против Чарли Шина открыли уголовное дело

Not until closer to the appointed distance, an American porn star Brett Rossi have decided not to be limited. For threats of physical violence Hollywood actor Charlie sheen have to pay for their freedom. The representative of police of Los Angeles Matthew Ludwig said yesterday that against the stars of the show “Two and a half men” put forward by the prosecution, however, did not specify what.

We know that on 31 March fiancée Charlie addressed to militiamen with the statement that Charlie threatened her with murder. In a publication RadarOnline has a video in which Shin said about the desire to “shred head” Brett. To obtain this evidence, police obtained a search warrant and the seizure video.
The journalists say these wrongful actions of law enforcement officers and those that violate us laws. According to the laws of the United States, a search of media companies dealing with news and information, is prohibited.
Recall that Rossi, who was the bride of a Bus two years ago, said Charlie, knowing about their HIV status, not only did not warn her about the deadly disease, but also lied to her direct question. They had unprotected sexual relations and only by a pornstar not infected. Given her profession, the disease could spread in a geometric progressii.
In addition, Brett has argued that Shin had repeatedly threatened to kill and beat her at a time when they were together. And in April 2014 was even forced to have an abortion.
Charlie’s lawyer denied the charges and Rossi said about her greed and the desire to enrich themselves through the courts. Earlier, the actor had already paid for the mystery, but it also feed information about the disease, the Bus hit the media, and he had publicly to admit it.

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