The judge dismissed charges of rape Kesha Dr. Luke

Судья отклонил обвинения Кеши в изнасиловании Доктором Люком

The charges of the American singer Kesha that her producer Dr. Luke (aka Lukasz Gottwald) for a long time she was raped, inconclusive and needs to be removed from the case of termination of their contract. So decided yesterday by new York judge Shirley Werner. The representative of Themis sure that the singer did not provide conclusive evidence, but her words are not.

According to The Associated Press, the judge rejected the plaintiff’s allegations in the direction of the producer, and said that “every rape is not a gender-motivated crime of hatred” (Kesha claimed that Lucas was “a complete woman-hater”, and treated her roughly because of the hatred towards it).
“Kesha did not provide enough evidence that Lukasz Gottwald had behaved with her cruelly.. Alleged rape and abuse occurred outside of new York and took place outside the statutory period, and thus will not be considered in subsequent hearings. We will consider only the claim regarding the termination of the contract of Keshi and Sony with label Dr. Luke,” said the judge.
Recall that a few days ago Kesha said that Sony has offered her freedom in exchange for a lie.
“I had to publicly apologize and to say that never was raped. Here’s what happens behind closed doors. I’m sticking with the TRUTH. If she’ll ruin my career than lie for that monster” said Kesh, meaning, probably, Dr. Luke.
On the same day, the representative of the producer responded to the statements of the singer on the social network and, as always, called them fiction. He reiterated that Kesha has not provided evidence in court and even lied under oath.
“Its purpose is personal enrichment. She seek to break the contracts that earned her millions and success, to choose a new, more favorable for her. We look forward to the day when in court, Kesha is responsible for all her lies” — said the lawyer.

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