Sergey Shnurov painted chest

Сергея Шнурова нарисовали грудью

One of the most prominent representatives of domestic music industry and show business Sergey Shnurov was inspired by the artist Irina Romanov to create a new pattern. A major figure of her new creations became the leader of group “Leningrad”.

Rock musician in the painting of the Romanov looks not only funny, but weird: Cord is depicted reclining on the couch in poison-green shorts, blue socks and bright red “louboutins” to wear high heels.

Picture causes interest not only shown in her persona, but also because of the technique, in which it was written.

Irina refused to use brushes and portrayed Sergei through his chest.

Such non-standard creative tool and is famous Romanov.

Earlier, she managed in the same way to depict the forward of “Zenith” Hulk, the winner of the current Oscar ceremony Leonardo DiCaprio. And even the President of our country Vladimir Putin.

“I think Sergei has a sense of humor and self-irony. He had at concerts, the Cord is bright, outrageous, I like it”, — explained the artist.

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