Опять аврал? Избежать стресса поможет кофе!

Swedish researchers found that helps to relieve tension during everyday work.

The debate about the benefits and harms of this drink do not cease till now. Swedish scientists have found another argument “for”.

After a series of studies in the companies of their country, they found that the so-called “office plankton” is practically unaffected by stress and depression. And came to an unexpected conclusion: it turns out that the reason for this is the coffee breaks, which regularly organize own employees.

In Sweden such coffee breaks allowed by law. They are called “fika” and there are two to three times per day: 10 hours, 15 and at the end of the day. And the focus here is not crisp caffeine, and that during these “breaks” employees are strictly forbidden to talk about work!

After this pause, the researchers note, the employees returned to their jobs with renewed vigor. And, in addition, during conversations about abstract topics improves the microclimate in the team, which also has a positive impact on the labor process.

Perhaps the low stress level in Sweden is associated with the Northern temperament. But who’s stopping you to check for yourself the experience of Scandinavian colleagues? Here the main thing – strongly not to get any coffee or intimate conversations.

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