Водонаева учит поклонников худеть

With another portion of hot photos of Alena told how she manages to look so beautiful.

Think Alena is simply tired of accusations in photoshop… they Say, “the sides are removed”, “hair painted” Yes “chest increased” and Vodonaeva decided to reveal all the cards.

No, not recognized in photoshop… And to help the fans to look the same as she is.

And the first Council of teledive was not so brilliant and, as noted by fans.

“So let’s, you while start tomorrow to drink 1.5−2 liters of water a day. And Breakfast, lunch and dinner without skipping. OK?” – she wrote to begin with.

While Alena America, of course, not opened. But her desire is commendable. And the posts are likely to be more meaningful.

After all, many stars are like blogs. For example, beauty secrets with fans already successfully quite a long time and share Vera Brezhneva, Polina Dibrova.

Besides, she seems to have a lot of free time. Relationship with Anton went wrong. And she will direct all forces on the appearance and sports…

Let’s remind, Alena and Anton met more than six months. And recently returned from a romantic trip out of Thailand.

But, it turned out that this sweet couple has problems.

“How difficult for different people to be with… And really want and love, and much to close my eyes, that had not closed. I don’t know… is it Possible to be together when but love, nothing… now I just want somewhere to run and hide. I just want to be alone”, – said Alena in my photoblog a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, joint photographs of the pair are gone too, what fans did conclude that “the story ends”.

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