После родов: стройная Ева Мендес впервые вышла в свет

Four months ago, the actress in the second time became a mother and has already returned to form.

The first exit mothers of large families in the light was held at fashion week in new York, where eve presented her own clothing line for brand New York & Company. The models showed on the runway, feminine outfits, but all the audience’s attention was drawn not so much to the innovations of the closet as their designer, more precisely, to her amazing figure.

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Recall that in late April of this year, the actress gave her husband Ryan Gosling second daughter of Amado Lee Gosling (the couple growing two-year-old Esmeralda Amada Gosling), from the moment of birth it took nothing at all, and eve is so beautiful that the eye does not take!

At the presentation, the actress came in a tight mini lace dress wine color from the brand looked gorgeous.

Guests of the show have noticed that Mendes glowed with happiness (no wonder she always said that children make her strong enough) and became even slimmer than before pregnancy. A striking result considering the fact that the star is no longer young girl, in March she was 42 years old, and her hair, figure and skin that it will not and a little more than 30 years.

It is clear that this is not just a gift of nature. The actress regularly trains, doing to the gym and focusing on cardio. In addition, Mendez yoga and sometimes Pilates to add variety to your workout and give your muscles to get used to the same load. No miracles, but this “recipe” are quite capable of every woman.

Isn’t this the role model and proof that motherhood only adorns a woman?