На соседней койке: Бузова поселилась в больнице мужа

Leading “House-2” has arrived in Italy to care for her husband after surgery.

Recall that the midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov was seriously injured during a recent game with the Turkish team. The footballer was diagnosed with a ruptured cruciate knee ligament and was rushed to surgery.

Now Dmitry is in Italy and not alone. Immediately after the incident flew to him, his wife Olga Buzova and settled on the bed next to me with her husband in the hospital.

Recovering after surgery, Tarasov posted a photo of the chamber where they with Olga have to spend a few days and thanked his wife for support.

“Thank you my darling! For the support, love, for being there in difficult periods of life! Together we will survive everything. My babysitter,” wrote Dmitry.

Olga, in turn, shared with subscribers of the good news: “My husband is a fighter. The worst is over. Will recover and be even stronger. I’m with you. And believe in you.”

While fans wanted Buzova forces, and her husband a speedy recovery, Tarasov explained to all the skeptics, why football is dangerous, not child’s play.

“What is your football? Hobby? Well… no Broken bones, a repetitive strain injury, pain, tears, broken joints, destroyed knees, concussions, chipped teeth, quarrels with relatives. Sometimes you say: “Enough, it’s over, you broken, trauma and fear will break you until the end, go away”… Even parents don’t believe in you… And then what? And then you lie down, close my eyes, put on some music and fall asleep. And in the morning get up, put on a tracksuit and go out, then come, call friends, know how much exercise, and all again from the beginning. I want to get back on the lawn, feel the salty taste of blood on his lips, throwing up his hands after scoring a goal… Just want ever tell anyone who didn’t believe in you and laughing at you that all was not in vain. We don’t play football, we live it,” wrote Tarasov and placed all points over i.