После личной травмы старшая дочь Збруева осталась жить с родителями Alexander said, as are his relationships with loved ones. Zbruev claims that the heiress was unable to find a stable mental state.
После личной травмы старшая дочь Збруева осталась жить с родителями

Alexander Zbruev is in order 56. The actor continues to play in some of the productions, while March 31, on Sunday, he will be 80 years old. Many people are surprised how young looking Zbruev. The artist regrets that now it is not so cheerful.

“Sometimes you are on Tverskaya – we live in the center – look at oncoming people and think: God, I’m older than all of them already. Although all feelings are normal and the vision became even more acute. Internal I mean. The boy with the girl are going to meet, and I know they will be next. I’ve experienced more than once. Life has given me many different experiences. But when they say that every age has its own charm, that’s not true. In old age there is no charm. I’m not even talking about myself, but about my observations. The best thing in life is youth, the ability to see the good things and lose your head from love,” – says the Zbruev.

About his personal life little is known. From Vadim have two daughters: Natalia, born in wedlock to actress Lyudmila Savelyeva, Tatiana, born from the connection with the artist by Elena sanonoi. However, the girl is the father’s name. Now she is studying in University to be a journalist.

“She’s still in search. Studied music, then – in the course of theatre studies, majored in theater and began working in Lenkom. And in parallel, studies are now in the second year of the faculty of journalism. Tanya is a very good level of English. Have done literary translations of books,” says the actor.

The fate of the eldest daughter Zbruev says rare. It was said that when he became aware of the connection of the father with sanonoi, Natalia advised the mother to file for divorce. There were rumors that she grieved at the betrayal of a loved one and even set fire to the apartment. The artist himself explains otherwise temper Natasha.

“With the eldest daughter all the more difficult, because it greatly affected her youthful tragedy of love. She could not recover from this injury. She lives with us and still can not get involved in any one activity, although read a lot – all the time. Goes to Church, knows a lot about Orthodoxy and explains to me what I don’t know. Of course, her life could have turned out differently, more happily,” said Alexander.

Natalie played in the film “If you believe Lopotuhinu…”, but then her film career has not developed. Everything else she did stood up to my dad. Not enrolled in an interpreter, and went to work as a seller. In 2005 he set fire to the apartment. Her parents took her to live with me. “I wasn’t going to take shelter! Would like to live separately! But parents insisted! For every thousand were ready to eat. And I resisted, but I was broke! Mother found a doctor who came to make injections from schizophrenia. And I’m not crazy!” – said Natalia.

After that, the woman was not heard. Zbruev happy with what he has. “I have everything. We have a nice apartment, have a car, have somewhere to put it, but in Moscow it is important. I can afford to go to any country, if, of course, political relations with it are normal. And I love to help children, families and loved ones – not because I am good, but because it is my need and joy and I can afford it,” said the actor of “Interlocutor”.