Александр Самойленко: череда распавшихся браков и погоня за семейным счастьем Today the actor turned 54. Alexander Samoylenko starred in more than 80 films and television series, including: “children of the Arbat”, “Daddy’s girls”, “Forgotten melody for flute”… Creativity charismatic actor is not limited to filming – Alexander Leschenko has played in theatre and is directing activities.
Александр Самойленко: череда распавшихся браков и погоня за семейным счастьем

Alexander Samoilenko was born in Tashkent to a family of famous and successful scientist and school teacher. Already at school he has a craving for art: it all started with small performances in the summer camp, then continued in a circle… Slowly Amateur young Alexander became interested in Soviet cinema, he was so entranced by the actors of the time, that doubts about the choice of future profession didn’t have.

Having matriculation, Sasha gathered her things with the intention to leave and to begin to conquer Moscow. Parents reacted to this request with skepticism, mom was against it, and her father gave his blessing, adding, however, that my son only got one shot. Sasha have come: despite the big competition, Samoilenko from the first time enrolled in the Higher drama school named Shchukin.

“Parents let me go in the hope that it will fail and be back in time for exams in a technical Institute. I bought a plane ticket, I lied, that in Moscow there is a place to live. In fact, it was nowhere. A friend studied at VGIK, she just went home on vacation, and I stayed with her in the Dorm illegally. In the evening climbed the rope to the third floor, risking their lives, and in the morning quietly out through the watch” – shares memories of his youth, Alexander Samoilenko.
Александр Самойленко: череда распавшихся браков и погоня за семейным счастьем

Once in the capital, the future star have not experienced any difficulties. Sasha received a scholarship, and parents helped by sending money monthly. Poverty student years to the actor failed to learn. He lived first in a hostel in a private room, then, in the third year, moved to his classmate and his grandma. However, miss lucky Alexander didn’t have parties, stupid pranks, hilarious pranks, Dating… the Students!

After the second course, during the obligatory tour, Samoilenko suddenly noticed his classmate Inessa, and the young people began a whirlwind romance. These relations have gone through fire and water: there were quarrels, and reconciliation, and even separation… And it all ended in a noisy wedding. Young people began to live together, and two years later they had a son Stepan.

After graduating from College at the young actor and young father have already been on account of some small film work, and appeared after the release of Alexander Samoilenko doors of all theatres will be open. The opposite happened. Came the “perestroika”: the audience didn’t need theatres, theatres – new artists. To somehow provide for his family, the actor had to retrain as a jobber, but then he found another solution: for three consecutive years in winter, the actor was offered the role of Santa Claus, and in the warm – image administrator Vakhtangov theater.

At some point the artist had difficulties not only at work but also in the family. Alexander valeryanovich was fascinated by the other woman for a week left home for a new novel. But was soon disappointed in that fleeting love made a one-off in family, honestly confessed to his wife, hoping to save the marriage, however, she has not forgiven the betrayal. The family has broken up.

Александр Самойленко: череда распавшихся браков и погоня за семейным счастьем“Left by his first wife nowhere. There was nowhere to live. Tried to call friends – to no avail. The first night we spent at the Kiev station. Passed the half-empty suitcase in the storage room, lay down on a bench like a hobo… besides that I have a tragedy, and even the cops drove up in the morning,” recalls the difficulties of life actor.

For the first time the artist has sheltered a friend, then he rented a room in a communal apartment. Had to start life all over again, and then Alexander Leschenko has discovered another profession – restaurateur. It all began with a theatrical dining room, and ended in the creation of the “club for friends”. Thanks to the opening of the restaurant “Mayak” actor met his second wife Elena.

At the time of their acquaintance Lena was married, had to divorce. Between her and Alexander at first was a friendly communication, but it resulted in… a son, Alexander. By the time the actor’s life Samoilenko began to build, he bought an apartment and again came on the scene. To legalize the relationship with Elena to a certain point, he’s not even going, and when did the wedding – two months later had to file for divorce. “Characters not met”…

Third wife Alexander Valer’yanovich also met in “the Lighthouse”. With Eugenia, an older actor for 19 years, it seemed that nothing serious could not. The pair met for some time, then she went to another, but in one of the phone conversations Samoilenko suddenly proposed to her. Which received not less than unexpected positive response. In this marriage the actor was born the third son Prokhor. Inspired by the birth of another child, Alexander bought a house in Spain, moved to relatives, but the family failed.

The current choice of the actor became a singer and actress Natalia Gromov. Alexander Valerianovich often appears with her in public and introduces the girl as his wife. The couple has been in a relationship for more than three years.

Alexander Samoilenko can rightly be considered the head of a large family. Despite the fact that many women Alexander Valerievich relations, shall we say, not for life, their sons do not cease to please the actor. Eldest son Stephen working as a lawyer, he brings up his baby daughter Alice. Middle son Alexander followed in the footsteps of his father, he enrolled in drama school and continued acting dynasty. And younger u so far only dream about the career of a footballer.