«Особенная» дочь Ирины Хакамады: «Моя мама совершила подвиг» Maria Sirotinskiy was the guest of the program “Live healthy!”. This episode is Elena Malysheva was dedicated to children who were born with down syndrome. The daughter of Hakamada shared his plans for the future and thanked the mother for what she gave birth to her.
«Особенная» дочь Ирины Хакамады: «Моя мама совершила подвиг»

The heroine of the new issue of Elena Malysheva “Live healthy!” was the daughter of Irina Khakamada, Maria Sirotinskiy. 20-year-old girl was born with down syndrome. Her mother initially did not tell the public about the characteristics of the child. Gradually, however, she broke the silence and started to leave with her daughter in the light, showing everyone that children with down syndrome are no different from drugih.

Mary herself knew about the diagnosis from an early age. She is grateful that her mother did not have an abortion because the doctors told her about the illness of the unborn child, when she was still in position.

“Mom found out about my illness during the pregnancy, but still did the deed and gave birth to me. I would like all viewers wish that you loved and respected their children. And that they too loved you,” said the girl during the broadcast.

As for Maria this is not the first television appearance, she kept quite confident. Daughter Khakamada wants to become popular. Now she’s in College, and also manufactures ceramic products. Masha thinks about building a career. She even teaches English.

“Today I got up very early to come here and speak. I want to become famous like my mom. I want to build a career and become famous in this country,” shared Maria.

Sirotinskiy found a champion in bench press Vlad by Sitdikova. The couple have been together for over two years. “I want to create a family in the future. And always be with my favorite person,” said Maria.

Some time ago there was talk about the wedding of a girl with her boyfriend. However, they do not hurry to legalize the relationship. Supposedly Vlad has not yet received blagoslovenija parents Masha. Beloved daughter Irina Hakamada persuades her to get married

The share of Irina Khakamada and Masha took many tests. In 2004, the girl was diagnosed with cancer. Then the politician was worried that I can not completely leave a career and to engage the child. The husband was supported by Irina in this difficult situation. “The husband said, “If you don’t do what you like, it would not be crazy energy, we will not be pulling. Better go to the presidential campaign, we will help,” – said Khakamada. They managed to cure Mary.