Afrikantov is fueling the conflict with Agibalova before the court

Африкантова разжигает конфликт с Агибаловой перед судом Mother of participant reality show “House-2” again mentioned the name of Irina. Tatiana claims that she was humiliated live on television. A few days ago, women took part in the program, during which continued unabated dispute about the scandalous past of one of them.

      Африкантова разжигает конфликт с Агибаловой перед судом

      A few days ago aired in the NTV program “Talk show”, in which were two popular “mom telestroke” Irina Agibalova and Tatiana Afrikantov. In the course of transmission was a question about the criminal past of one of them. Tatyana said that Irina was previously convicted and served time in prison. Irina Agibalova: “due to slander Africanoboi I could be in trouble with a tumor”

      In turn, the mother of two popular participants of the project claimed to have never had problems with the law. She decided to sue Afrikantova because of outright lies. Now the dispute of the ex-participants of the reality show will deal with the appropriate authorities.

      “Initially filed the complaint as an administrative offence – slander. Now will file a criminal – slander spread to the masses. Moral damages, my lawyer pointed out a million rubles,” – told Agibalova “StarHit”.

      Tatyana unable to keep silent and recorded a special video in which he explained how to apply to the ether, which she had to participate, and showed the preparations for the trial. According to ex-member of telestroke, Irina Alexandrovna has supported as many as 20 people, and she was not allowed even to Express their position. Marina’s mother believes that the purpose of scandal is to try to pay her a million rubles. She doubts that Agibalova will succeed.

      “Irina Alexandrovna ongoing show. So what happens now on her “cakes” a lot of followers. To court we go. The meeting will be held on February 6 at 14.00. The meeting will be open to the public. Who wants to watch this piaski course Irina Alexandrovna, you are welcome… it is possible that the court will come to the same “people-takaki” how to live,” said Afrikantov.

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has promised to keep fans informed of the judgment. The woman called the whole process “a continuation of the circus,” which began on television. “It will repel a million for defamation on the facts that eight years was hanging, and our Irina Aleksandrovna did not touch that they were overwhelmed with all the sites,” continued Tatyana.

      According to the woman, she is ready for any court decision. “Never going to apologize before the dastardly aunt…Hope this will be a fair trial. I never flexes and does not SAG,” said Afrikantov.