Vladimir Zeldin called wife after death

Владимир Зельдин звал жену после смерти Friends of the legendary actor spoke about his family. Many of the surrounding Vladimir Zeldin sure that Yvette Kapralova knocked down the news of the death of a loved one. An elderly woman was unable to cope with the departure of its second half of life.

      Владимир Зельдин звал жену после смерти

      At the end of January it became known that Ivetta Kapralova, the widow of Vladimir Zeldin, died on 82-m to year of life. The woman died three months after heart stopped her legendary spouse. In the Studio of “live” gathered all who were acquainted with the family of Vladimir Zeldin to honor his memory and share memories.

      Died the widow of Vladimir Zeldin

      According to the young women from the environment Zeldin, Ivetta Kapralova had a difficult recovery after the death of a spouse.

      “After the departure of Vladimir Mikhailovich she must have lost the meaning of life. He really was holding her. Your every day she lived for him, made sure he was in shape, good eating and sleeping, came to the performances. The last time Vladimir could even capricious, and Yvette E. was sometimes cunning”, – said Xenia Karaulov, a close family friend of Vladimir Zeldin and Yvette Kapralova.
      Владимир Зельдин звал жену после смерти

      According to the young women, the New year the widow Zeldin decided to celebrate at home. Before Yvette E. have never expressed such desires. Friend of the family of the legendary actor also revealed that after the death of Vladimir Mikhailovich phone in the house began to call less frequently. “Communication has become much less,” – said Xenia.

      On the last days of life of the widow of the famous artist told her the AU pair. Maria Matrosova said that Yvette E. seemed to be a very cheerful and energetic. However, the elderly woman made some revelations that surprised her housekeeper.

      “Once passed 40 days, she said, “Masha, I quit the force”. She slept a lot and was thinking of Vladimir Mikhailovich. One day she said, “can You imagine, I opened my eyes, and he sits in the chair”. And then she said to me, “I dreamed about Vladimir, he’s miserable without me.” Then her condition began to deteriorate. Literally the day before she died, we called an ambulance, but she refused to be hospitalized,” – shared Matrosov.
      Владимир Зельдин звал жену после смерти

      According to Mary, before you go, Yvette E. called her and said, “Mary, take my hand, don’t leave me, support”. What assistant older women said, “Yvette, I’m not going anywhere, I’m here with you.” Further Matrosov reported on recent widow Zeldin.

      “She opened bleary eyes, her gaze was fixed to the side. Then Yvette E. says: “Go? Well, I’m going.” And her cheek rolled a tear. We did CPR, but it was no use. That morning came four ambulances, but they didn’t help her,” shared Maria.
      Владимир Зельдин звал жену после смерти

      Matrosov was also told that Kapralova haunted photo of her husband. “Yvette E. said: “the Portrait looks at me with those eyes, like I betrayed him and left,” said the woman.

      In addition, the Studio program was attended by Nikolai Golovin, a friend Zeldin and Kapralova. He shared his memories about the couple. “Vladimir Mikhailovich was a difficult character, but he was a shining example for others. In life he was unpretentious man, little interested. He had only two weaknesses dogs and beautiful clothes,” said the man.

      In turn, Irina Miroshnichenko noted that Yvette E. had a hand in striking outfits of her husband. “She would adjust and worked. Amazing the woman was,” shared the people’s artist of the RSFSR.

      Broadcast transmission also remembered that Vladimir Mikhailovich had problems with his vision and he could barely see. However, the actor never complained and always behaved like a true professional.

      After that, the family of the famous actor spoke his assistant Larisa Goncharova. According to the woman, marriage Zeldin wasn’t perfect, after all, problems can arise. Sometimes Yvette E. called her and talked about the disagreements with my husband. For example, Vladimir Zeldin is not always the first time agreed to go to work. Sometimes he allowed himself to argue with my wife about it.

      Владимир Зельдин звал жену после смерти

      At the end of the program, joined the conversation relatives of Vladimir Zeldin. Grandnephew of actor Alexey and Kirill Vronskii are unable to attend the Studio in person, communication with them was established via the Internet. They said that dream of creating a Museum of the famous actor. Men also said that they did not plan to fight for the inheritance.

      Speaking about the state of the actor, one of the program experts have suggested that Zeldin not possessed of fabulous wealth. In the program also addressed the issue of the heirs of the stars. “For Yvette’s just me. The line of Vladimir Mikhailovich direct, there is only his nephews,” – said about Vladimir Boyarsky, brother’s widow, people’s artist of the USSR.

      After her husband’s death, Yvette E. was going to register the apartment in your property, but it never happened. “All documents under the bill, I gave Yulia Volkova, lawyer Yvette Evgenievna,” – said the assistant Zeldin.

      As for the expensive houses in the Silver forest where he lived artist, he did not belong to him. According to Xenia Karaulova, this property is owned by the state.

      Владимир Зельдин звал жену после смерти