Svetlana Bondarchuk effectively stripped of the luxury resort

Светлана Бондарчук эффектно оголилась на роскошном курорте Celebrity has a rest abroad. Company Svetlana made her close friend. Bondarchuk recently delighted fans, put the photo in a stylish and candid bikini. They noted that the woman did not seem to change with the years, and wrote her many compliments.

      48-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk decided to break from the Moscow winter and took a leave of absence. The woman went along with her friends, among whom were Natalia Dubovitskaya and Hope Obolentseva on the secluded island of Saint Barthelemy. Svetlana and her friends all having a great time sunbathing and swimming. Fans Bondarchuk admire the photos taken in a luxury resort.

      Recently, a celebrity once again stirred the subscribers, showing them his perfect figure in a fashionable bikini. Fans of Svetlana was delighted with its publication. “Beautiful,” “you look Awesome”, “Like a girl”, “Just a bomb”, “Good”, “Fire”, “Cool”, “you are unrealistic”, “Without words”, “Chic”, “Super”, “True”, “Luxurious”, “So skinny, already jealous”, “that is the power of will and care for themselves,” they discussed.

      In the comments to the image, the stars also noted Victoria Bonya and Valeria. “How I love you! Best, goddess,” shared socialite living in Monaco. “Shine, well, you cannot, cannot be so beautiful,” – wrote in turn to the singer.

      Earlier, Svetlana shared a joint photo with friends. “Girl’s Paradise”, “well Done, beauty, class, As you have well” – discussed social media users.

      Many fans are waiting for Svetlana when she will announce the new novel, since her final breakup with the famous Director was a lot of time. However, Bondarchuk is in no hurry to devote fans details his personal life. Despite the fact that the woman was separated from her husband, she retained her ex-lover a friendly relationship. In an interview Svetlana frankly admitted that her marriage was in trouble and a crisis that could not be overcome.

      Note that the celebrity intrigued by the public photograph a magnificent bouquet of flowers. “From Thursday to Friday dreams come true” – these words woman to accompany their photo. Some fans Svetlana decided that she demonstrated a gift from a fan. Social media users were surprised by the publication of women, but Bondarchuk did not comment on the numerous speculation.