Affleck and garner have a nice time in Paris

Аффлек и Гарнер проводят время в Париже

The point in the relationship of Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner not yet delivered, and that it will happen, there is no doubt.

The announcement that the actors decided to leave, appeared in the media last summer, however, the divorce papers were never filed any party. About a year garner and Affleck were trying to settle conflicts within the family, celebrities even visited a family psychologist, and I think it has had its results.

The other day (yet) the family of Affleck-garner was spotted in the most romantic city in the world – Paris.

There, the couple went together with children, however, this does not reduce the importance of this romantic journey.

Ben and Jennifer visited several restaurants as well as indulge children with sweets. Overall, it was like an ordinary holiday of ordinary family which to hear did not hear about the discord and divorce.


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