Mariah Carey and Nick cannon went with a friend in a cafe

Мэрайя Кэри и Ник Кэннон сходили с детьми в кафе

Despite the breakup , Maria Carey and Nick cannon remain exemplary parents, which in the first place in their lives of their children-the twins of Maroccan and Monroe. On the days the couple had lunch together with the children in one of the cafes of Los Angeles.

46-year-old singer and her husband of 35 years (officially they are still married, despite the vigorous training of Maryi to a new wedding to Australian billionaire James Packer).
Recall that the divorce the couple announced in December 2014, but until then, if you believe the insiders, they didn’t put the signature under the divorce papers. Incidentally, the groom, Carey also officially still married to the mother of his four children. Why they both are so addictive with this procedure is still unknown.
I must say that Maria and nick are spending the holidays like a normal family. At Christmas, Easter and other holidays they get together and no one is allowed in your little world, even the future husband of the singer.
Earlier in the interview both said that son and daughter will forever remain in their priorities in the first place and that they will always protect them from the suffering associated with the breakup of the parents.

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