Surrogacy Lucy Lew was the cause of heated debate

Суррогатное материнство Льюси Лью стало причиной жарких споров

The star of “Charlie’s Angels”, Hollywood actress Lucy Liu became a mother in August of last year. Son of Lloyd Lew Rockwell she carried and gave birth to a surrogate mother. Since that time, the story goes so much controversy that the topic has not been exhausted so far. In a recent interview Lucy told about his attitude to this debate.

Суррогатное материнство Льюси Лью стало причиной жарких споров

“I am a single mother who got a child through surrogacy. I know that many condemn me, but I think people should understand: it’s just that you love your family and care about your child” — said Lucy.

Lew admitted that he never felt the criticism and condemnation of the public, until she was advised not to pay attention to the evil tongues.

“I remember thinking: “How can you speak negatively about the baby? How can it be bad that someone has a child?”. I was in a state of shock. I was strange to accept that in the 21st century people can is bad for families and children, especially, to condemn someone for it. Now I try not to read about themselves on the Internet, let everyone remains at the opinion” — said Lucy.

Said the actress about the fact that motherhood has inspired her work in UNICEF.

“I have worked with UNICEF for the last ten years. Together with this organization I often traveled to different countries and met beautiful and friendly children. They had some special and just exuded love. Over the years we all lose the love – someone more, someone less, and children give it in unlimited quantities.

For a long time I had only my career, leaving no time for family and children. The time flew by.. One day my friend told me that it was time to stop and think about the baby. So I did” — said the actress.

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