Actor Ivan Krasko has difficulty because of which his wife did not bear him a child

Актер Иван Краско испытывает трудности, из-за которых его жена не родит ему ребенка

Famous Russian actor Ivan Krasko, who has reached the age of 86 years spoke about his relationship with his young wife Natalya. They are married for two years, survive the condemnation of relatives and fans due to the large difference in age. Now, as recognized by the actor himself and his wife, they are happy, but recently experiencing financial difficulties. Because of severe childhood sweetheart Krasko, they can’t have a child until you get his living area.

Актер Иван Краско испытывает трудности, из-за которых его жена не родит ему ребенка

Soon they will celebrate their wedding anniversary. On the eve of the actor gave an interview in which has told about the unexpected publicity surrounding their marriage. But it only strengthened their relationship.”Many tried to dissuade us in strength of relations, saying that the impossible Union with a difference of 60 years. These conversations have strengthened the marriage, oddly enough,” admits the actor.

The artist complains of financial problems that do not allow him magnificently to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of his marriage and have a child with the beloved. “Now my vacation ends and there is a lack of money. Magnificently to mark the anniversary will not. And together we give each other. Maybe go to Lowe Dodin on “the Cherry orchard”, says the actor.

Актер Иван Краско испытывает трудности, из-за которых его жена не родит ему ребенка

She decided to congratulate her husband through a social network. “For two years. Yes, two of them. How is it? Paper? Yeah, she is! I will tell all who don’t understand: I, too, would be condemned five years ago honestly, he seeks! But the inexplicable happened. If I’m happy? Yes. Is he happy? Ask him,” Natalia signed a joint photo with her husband.

Star believes that a large age difference would only have a positive impact on their relationship. Krasko feels much younger being with his beloved. It charges it with emotion and energy. The girl helps him in all new creative projects, but the actor is not going to help her career move. “I immediately told her: “I’m not going to protezirovanie. I believe that the actors themselves have to get through, so there is no question that you worked at the theater named Komissarzhevskaya, this is obviously going to pull – and not wait.” Resentment was not because she is a very independent person,” admitted the actor.

Krasko says that marriage is not tied to the money. His spouse doesn’t require expensive gifts, because understand that they afford it can not. But still, sometimes a man pleases a girl of pleasant surprises. Krasko sure that marriage is an important similarity of interests and spiritual closeness.

In an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the man admitted that he had often suffered from bouts of jealousy. The young wife rarely ever look a man, but Natalia does not give reason to be jealous.