Why Boris Nomads still lives with mom?

Почему Борис Кочевников до сих пор живет с мамой?

10 Sep weekend host of “When all houses” Timur Kizyakov visited the abode of the famous presenter of the program “live” and showed the audience how he lives. Nomads living in the apartment in the center of Moscow together with mum Irina Leonidovna. The conversation went in the kitchen for a Cup of tea and presenter could not hide his surprise that a 35-year-old presenter still lives with his mother.

Почему Борис Кочевников до сих пор живет с мамой?

“Certainly was and is the opportunity to live separately. But you are together for some reason. Why?” asked Dung from Kojevnikova.

The presenter explained that he was simply a comfortable life in this apartment. Since he does not drive, Boris faster to go to work with this little apartment. “This is my home, says of the Nomads. – This small apartment in the center of Moscow convenient for me because everything is close, and I don’t drive the car. And I’m not going to move. Takes a lot of time work and all this fuss”.

Почему Борис Кочевников до сих пор живет с мамой?

Presenter understands that this doesn’t look right, and at that age he could get used to living with mom. “It’s true, I understand that this is not good — recognized of the Nomads in the transmission. But in the gospel it is said: a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and not only leave father and mother.”

Of course, Boris expresses the desire to start their family. He would have wanted was not only his mother but also his wife and children. Irina told the host of the show that her husband Boris will be quite difficult. “Next to you must be a very patient woman,” says Kozhevnikova his mother.

Host mom admitted that she held her son tight rein. ‘ve raised him alone, without her husband, which could go too far. But the son understood the concern mom and not condemned. “I was a very strict mother and sometimes made mistakes. But I was very scared for Bob. Twelve years is the most dangerous age. I controlled every step of his son. And even when he called, he was raised up. Bob knew about it. And it turned out that in some things I was right. When the boy was sixteen or seventeen years, he told me: mom, how nice that you kept a tight grip on me,” says Irina.

Host father threw the family before his birth. Despite the fact that he never lived with them, he tried to see his son. The mother of Boris allowed the father to appear at his performances, but the boy knew nothing about it. “Bor was then 8-9 years old, his dad bought a ticket for the first row and looked at him. Bob about this, of course, did not,” says Irina.

The absence of a father in the life of the famous leader, as he said himself, greatly influenced his future life. Due to the lack of the man, Boris believes that it can create a family.