Ivan Krasko complained about the lack of money

Иван Краско пожаловался на безденежье The famous actor told about how plans to celebrate second wedding anniversary with his young wife. The man did not hide the fact that because of the recent vacation he is experiencing financial difficulties.
Иван Краско пожаловался на безденежье

Ivan Krasko, Natalya happily married for two years. Their relationships are often criticized by the public. Initially, many fans did not believe in the sincerity of the lovers ‘ feelings, but over time they were able to prove the strength of family ties.

On the eve of the anniversary of the wedding, the actor has decided to give an interview and talk about their relationship in the pair. In recognition of stars of theatre and cinema, the publicity surrounding their Union was for lovers a complete surprise.

“Many tried to dissuade us in strength of relations, saying that the impossible Union with a difference of 60 years. These conversations have strengthened the marriage, oddly enough,” said the artist.

However, Ivan does not deny that they have certain problems. So, a couple can’t have children because they have their living space. Natalia has had a difficult childhood, so she is ready to give birth only under the condition that the future baby will not want for anything. The artist also has complained that now he is in financial difficulties, so could not arrange for his wife full feast in honor of the anniversary.

“Now my vacation ends and there is a lack of money. Magnificently to mark the anniversary will not. And together we give each other. Maybe go to Lowe Dodin on “the Cherry orchard” – said Krasko.

Natalie decided to celebrate Valentine’s with the help of social networks. She devoted husband touching post on Instagram.

“For two years. Yes, two of them. How is it? Paper? Yeah, she is! I will tell all who don’t understand: I, too, would be condemned five years ago honestly, he seeks! But the inexplicable happened. If I’m happy? Yes. Is he happy? Ask him” – with these words the actress a joint photograph with the spouse.

The man said that next to his wife, he feels much younger. According to Ivan, Natalia energizes it and supports all creative endeavors. But the actor chose not to promote the career of his wife. “I immediately told her: “I’m not going to protezirovanie. I believe that the actors themselves have to get through, so there is no question that you worked at the theater named Komissarzhevskaya, this is obviously going to pull – and not wait.” Resentment was not because she is a very independent person”, – shared memories paint.

According to the actor, the young wife with him very happy. It does not require a spouse expensive gifts, knowing that the family cannot afford them, but sometimes paint still glad Natalya pleasant surprises. Ivan is sure that the spiritual closeness and similarity of interests is much more important than material conditions.

In an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the man said, and the fits of jealousy, which had often reached him. According to Krasko, Natalya often pay attention to other men, but she never gives him reason to doubt her loyalty.