Авраам Руссо уличил жену в обмане The singer does not understand why the wife all lies. Abraham Russo admitted that he regularly sends to his family tens of thousands of dollars. His words outraged his wife, who says that she lives almost in poverty.

A couple of months ago, a famous singer Avraam Russo announced his intention to divorce with his wife Morelos after 12 years of marriage. However, this news came as a surprise to most women because he learned about it from the ether the TV show. The choice of the artist was perplexed, how could he leave a family in which two daughters are growing up. Spouse Abraham Russo said about the vile treachery

Morel talked about the fact that it intends to sell the mansion, but the estate is not in demand. The maintenance of the house she has to pay a lot of money on a monthly basis, in addition to taxes. Abraham confessed that continuously sends a large amount of spouse and children.

“They now live in America. However, Morel lies that remain in poverty, even though I regularly send them huge sums of money. Only in the last three months, I gave them more than one hundred thousand dollars. They do not need anything, despite all the assurances Merely on television,” admits the singer.

Not so long ago Russo told “StarHit” that he intends to return to his family. He analyzed the situation and now ready to settle down with his wife at the negotiating table. Abraham understands that the most valuable thing in his life – children, Emanuella and Ave Maria. Abraham Russo has decided not to divorce

“The likelihood that we will be together again, there are, of course, we’re reasonable people. Only fools do not change their opinions, and I am willing to make any concessions, if only to be near my children,” says Russo.

In 12 years of marriage the couple accumulated a lot of claims against each other. The artist believes that spoiled wife. In his opinion, she did not understand how hard it is to make money – after all, he is not sparing himself to provide for the family.

“Women in the XXI century got too much freedom I think. So they are confused and behave in the same way inappropriate, and so is my wife. Morel had never worked, she doesn’t know how difficult it is for a person to earn money and support his family. I had to take the floor to make a dozen flights a month to the spouse and children in no way needed,” says Russo in an interview with “World news.”