Роман Карцев хочет покоиться рядом с другом Виктором Ильченко The actor told the TV host Boris Korchevnikov about how lost the family and loved ones. Roman A. so far not yet been able to accept the death of a fellow soldier and best friend of Viktor Ilchenko. The comedians performed together for several decades.
Роман Карцев хочет покоиться рядом с другом Виктором Ильченко

Roman Kartsev walked into the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. People’s artist told the host about his childhood, his youth, and on the first experience of performances on stage. The actor told how experienced care the friends and relatives of life.

For the first time, Roman A. began performing in the drama club of the house of culture of seamen after school. In the 60s Kartsev received an invitation to simple student theatre “Parnassus-2”, it was there that he met best friend and constant stage partner Viktor Ilchenko.

Later, the Duo Kartseva and Ilchenko joined Zhvanetskiy. The artists have created a theatre, where Victor Leonidovich – was a generator of ideas, Mikhail Mikhailovich – the Creator of texts, and the Roman A. embodied the comical sketches of the authors on stage. “Ilchenko – it was our brains, he gave us directions, and I wrote. Rum Kartsev played. When we were three – it was very bright,” said Zhvanetsky in one of his interviews.

Miniatures Mikhail Zhvanetsky performed by the duet Kartsev and Ilchenko, spread numerous tape recordings. Soon the comedians got the love-Union and glory. The successful tandem of two artists destroyed the terrible disease Victor Ilchenko fell ill with cancer.

“He had cancer. Like Hvorostovsky. Cancer of the stomach. For me it was an irreparable loss. He was the only one able to calm me down before performances. He took my head and said, “calm down, Calm down. It went,” he shared Kartsev memories about each other on a talk show.

Roman A. told that his parents also died of cancer. According to the artist, many of my colleagues broke this terrible disease.

“I often remember the Victor. Flowers put on his grave. He was buried at the cemetery Troekurov. There Luba Polishchuk, and Natasha Gundareva. Before the cemetery was far away. I’d like to see me next to Victor buried”, – said Kartsev.