Элина Камирен едва не разрушила влиятельную семью The star of “House-2” told about the affair with a wealthy suitor. According to Elina Kamiren, once she met a man online, who immediately liked her. However, the mother of a fan of brunettes was against their relationship.

The former participant of the project “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren often shares with fans his thoughts. Brunette considers himself an expert in the relationship between men and women. Elina’s video blog regularly publishes advice for the fairer sex. So, once the woman was talking about how to have an affair with a tycoon, and at other times revealed the behind the scenes of telestroke.

Elina recently shared a fascinating story from the past. A young woman told about how almost splitting members of the same family. Specific names Cameren decided not to call, wanting to keep that detail secret.

“My goddess. A question for you: “was there a time in your life when you were interested by the father and the son?” Share. What happened? Or how you went? By the way, I once met in networks with one man. He was a nice guy from a respectable family. Cared gorgeous, pampered, and taken to Israel. But his mother was strongly against it, because dad was mad at me… you can’t Stay, run away! Or… Stay, you cannot flee!” – said the brunette.

Publication Kamiren caused heated discussions on the Network. “That happens in life… I was nothing like this. Maybe better to run, life will not be the same”, “I had this situation a year ago. Chose dad, now swing on the handles of the two-week copy”, “Listen to your heart”, “of Course, it is better to go, or mom will win”, “If the father is married, what are the conversations?”, “It is better to make and regret. One life”, commented members of the ex-contestants of a reality show.

Previously Elina took a provocative video called “the truth about the “House-2″. The exposure project.” The video has gained more than 400 thousand views on YouTube. It Kamiren openly spoke about the problems faced on the popular reality show. According to brunette, it is difficult to find true love.

“I ask a lot of questions about the project – how to get there and what to say. It’s easy, if you are a person with charisma and a clear terminal, that is, have a certain position in life. In reality shows there are three types – men, which of themselves in life nothing idea and keep changing partners, provocateurs and girls who easily build relationships,” Elina shared.

Moreover, according to Kamiran, participation in a controversial project may cause problems with further employment. “Then it is very difficult to break. In any sphere. You can be very talented, but you’re still useless, as it shone on this disgusting reality show that exaggerated shows of people”, – told the star electroni.