A young mother keira Knightley talked about problems with alcohol

Молодая мама Кира Найтли рассказала о проблемах с алкоголем

A year and a half ago keira Knightley first became a mother. The actress and her husband musician James Ryton had a daughter who they called Eddie.

To dwell on the personal life of Cyrus, like most celebrities, she doesn’t. But recently, the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” still told about how it has changed motherhood. According to Knightley, she was more open and friendly, more calm responds to criticism and also boldly speaks about the errors that occurred in her youth.

For example, Cyrus admitted that at some point in her life she was addicted to alcohol. This was due to the workload and stress that she experienced every day: “…When I had a free evening, I was blackout drunk, I danced my ass off and woke up in a strange place” — said a young mother, noting that she’s not ashamed of it. “In the end, I’m British, I’m not ashamed of my passion for pubs and good booze!”

By the way, being drunk Kira met her current husband James: “We met at our friend’s birthday party. Both were drunk, maybe so and liked each other, because he is by nature a people person, always attracts attention, but I’d rather sit quietly in the corner.”