Halle berry and Olivier Martinez are officially divorced

Холли Берри и Оливье Мартинес официально развелись

As he tried Hollywood actress Halle berry and her husband Olivier Martinez to save his marriage, that they failed. Today, the Western media reported the couple divorce as an already accomplished fact.

Recall that the first rumors about the divorce have appeared in the last year. Supposedly Holly is tired of the aggressive antics of her husband, the last straw was his attack on the paparazzi at lax airport in Los Angeles. Martinez seemed that the man came too close to his family.
It is reported that Olivier took his statement about divorce, leaving the actress the only petitioner. Probably Martinez to the last resisted and tried to keep the family together.
After the divorce, berry and her ex-husband share custody of their young son, Maceo. Holly and Olivier continue to maintain close friendships, because they still continue to be seen together.