“Major” interested in the West

«Мажором» заинтересовались на Западе

Alexander Tsekalo knows how to make wishes and to do so they realized.

Recently, the producer spoke about the success of his company – Tsekalo has made to the Russian product reached the international level: “This year for me and my production company “Environment” was very important, — has shared Alexander. One of the most powerful players on the market in America — the company “Netflix” — bought the series of “Major” to show to the whole world. Another American company, but now production, acquires a license for the production of the American version of the series “Major”. We are developing this area. Let all the world know and see that in Russia, too, produce quality serials”.

“C” is the third Russian TV series, which has attracted foreign companies. The first two were “Daddy’s girls” and “Kitchen”.

By the way, the “Kitchen” caught the interest of the company CBS Studios International, which account for the creation of such popular sitcoms like the big Bang Theory,” “How I met your mother” and “2.5”.