Теракт в Барселоне: что известно о трагедии Today in the Spanish town man in van knocked down pedestrians. It happened at five o’clock local time. According to preliminary data, two persons who can be involved in the incident, was detained.

Tonight the whole world has heard the news that in Barcelona there was a terrible accident – a van at full speed drove into the crowd about five o’clock in the evening local time. It happened on the main pedestrian street of Las Ramblas. Data on victims is continuously updated, by this time known that 13 people were killed and 56 were hospitalized. The police called it a terrorist attack.

There was also the information that previously established the identity of the man who rented the van. While it remains unclear whether Driss Kabir driving the car or not. He was a native of France, but has long lived in Spain. He was criminally otvetstvennosti.

It also became known that the driver was taken hostages by a Turkish café. There’s no word yet on whether he has accomplices or he works alone. According to eyewitnesses, in the car were two or three people. Later it was reported that the now detained two suspects of involvement in the attack, and one was killed during a shootout with police.

Near the town, 70 kilometers were found the second van. It’s likely the criminals rented it in order to escape.

According to Rostourism, now in Barcelona is 100 thousand Russians, but there is no data on whether there are victims among our compatriots. One of the witnesses, Alexander Kiselev, that they panicked.

“We were a block away from what happened. My wife and I were on tour in Barcelona. After the walk, stood on a street corner. And suddenly I saw us in the crowd. We also ran. While I was running, I heard that Spanish was yelling something similar to Russian “terrorist act”, — said the tourist.

It is reported that the hospital of Barcelona appealed to residents for help – they encourage people to donate blood to help the wounded. Police began to evacuate people, who hid in the shops and bars. Prior to this, the authorities have recommended to stay indoors.

“Rambla was full of tourists. I heard a noise, the sound of the collision. At the same moment, I heard screams and saw people began to run. It was like an avalanche of people fleeing. They were everywhere and in front of me. People jumped in the shops, picking the kids from wheelchairs. I saw a woman running, then she stopped and cried, because I couldn’t find the children. In the next 30 seconds I saw the police with weapons,” – said the rector of the University of Glasgow, Aamer anwer, who was on the Ramblas.

Actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was vacationing with a friend in Barcelona. She told the followers in microblogging, over the city fly helicopters, and police cordoned off the street. “It is terrible once again to understand that for some people a human life is worth nothing. Painful to realize that again, people are victims of this senseless violence. Deep condolences to the victims and their families,” wrote the celebrity.

The material used information publications “Medusa”, “news”, “RIA Novosti”.