Евгения Осина спасают соседи Partial addressed in the program “Let them talk”. Evgeny Osin bothered others – he did not open the door, did not respond to calls. However, the editors of the program were able to figure out what exactly happened with the artist.
Евгения Осина спасают соседи

The last time the star of the 90 Eugenia Aspen appear sad news, long time he could not establish a relationship with his daughter, then he started having health problems and alcohol dependence. Recently housemates performer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” sounded the alarm for some time he is not out of the apartment, opens the door and does not return phone calls. Concerned addressed to the editors of the program “Let them talk”, to help famous actor.

The crew could not ignore this request. Reporters went to the house of Eugene Aspen. However, they had to spend a lot of time at the door of the musician. However, they still waited until the man open. In front of reporters, the actor appeared in a poor state – he was half-naked, barely spoke and waited for the nurse to experiment. Aspen was difficult to sit, and because he always lay on the bed.

Евгения Осина спасают соседи

Guests in the Studio who saw footage of the apartment once a popular singer, began hot to discuss this situation. They began to argue and accuse his ex-wife because she left him and deprived of communication with his daughter. Despite the fact that the artist was employed at the school where I studied the girl, the mother took the child to another school. According to experts, this affected the status of the artist. Evgeny Osin broke the silence:, foot problems, alcoholism and betrayal of his wife

Leading the program “Let them talk,” Dmitry Borisov said that neighbors care about the artist leave him food to support existence. Guests in the Studio wondering why friends don’t take part in his life. However, friends said that aspens deny their problems, and therefore it is difficult to help.

“He knows nothing, he lives in his own dimension,” he told friends.
Евгения Осина спасают соседи

Some guests in the Studio believe that it is the ex-wife and daughter should look after a man. Dmitry Borisov was hoping Evgeny Osin will appear in Studio “Let speak”. However, at the end of the programme he announced that the singer is unwell, and the crew called to him physicians. The presenter turned to the family of the artist and encouraged them to help the star in the 90s.