Константин Глушков три года воспитывал чужого ребенка The artist did a DNA test on live. According to Konstantin Glushkov, the last time he doubted that the boy born Galina Lazareva, his son. Apart from that issue, the couple found out one of them went to the left and many other points of contention.
Константин Глушков три года воспитывал чужого ребенка

Star pattern “On the corner near the Patriarchal” Konstantin Glushkov and his wife Galina came to the Studio of the transmission “is actually” to do a paternity test and deal with issues of marital fidelity.

About four years ago Glushkov married a woman who was younger than his 15 years. The actor met Galina in the film. The girl was flattered at the attention of the popular actor. They began an affair, but then parted ways. A few years Konstantin and Galina met again. Then it turned out that she was born the son of the artist, which she told the star earlier. When the boy grew older, the man started to suspect that the child wasn’t his.

“I can’t live with it. Look, I have my nerves psoriasis went. A year ago I had a heart attack and a year I’m not working. Galya now the main breadwinner in the family. First, it was cheating, not being honest with me, and that is not my child,” said the man.
Константин Глушков три года воспитывал чужого ребенка

The son of Galina received a disability. The boy sees the bad due to medical errors. The woman claims that the doctors prescribed the wrong treatment, which caused deterioration in his condition. “We are struggling with this,” said darling Glushkov.

The actor was spending all of the fees for the boy’s treatment, but so far the success it has brought. In this regard, he was concerned with the question, did the woman benefit, combined with him by marriage. Galina said that married not by calculation.

Константин Глушков три года воспитывал чужого ребенка “I don’t blame,” said Constantine.
Константин Глушков три года воспитывал чужого ребенка

However, experts have called it a lie. However, experts acknowledged that the blonde was in love with the artist when he went with him down the aisle.

The man filed a claim that he doesn’t like him. According to the artist, Galina does not allow you to go and see her on tour, as well as spending a lot of time with the child. The woman explained that he was afraid for his health, after suffering a heart attack he can’t push yourself.

The artist’s wife doubts his loyalty. “As long as I earn the money and you with heart disease stay at home. Suppose there is a young lady… you Have someone?” asked the wife.

Despite his negative answer, the experts found that he was cheating on her.

Experts later found out that the woman is not honest with her husband. In particular, she lied about his belief in the fatherhood of Constantine. “I’m terribly uncomfortable, I don’t want to get dirty Laundry to the entire country,” said Galina.

Woman admits: the actor can leave the family if he finds out that the son was not born from him. Those present tried to find out whether Constantine regretted spent on treatment of the child the money. According to the Profiler Sabina Pantus, after the artist lost his job, sometimes he was calculating how much money is spent on medical treatments, as well as where else they could be spent.

At the end of the transmission the results of the DNA test. “Paternity excluded”, – said Dmitry Shepelev Constantine. The actor immediately left his place.

“Oh, yeah?” – perceived information Galina, before you leave the Studio.