A song Jamala met at Eurovision

Песню Джамалы оправдали на «Евровидении»

The organizing Committee of the popular music competition on-demand viewers have reviewed the performance of the Ukrainian singer and delivered its verdict: Jamal did not break the rules.

Every day the results of the contest “Eurovision 2016”, a new scandal. Today everyone was talking about a song Jamala “1944”. Bloggers found a video of a performance of the singer in 2015, when she performed the hit, presented at the competition, only then the song was called “Our Crimea” (read more here). Viewers more confused do not change the name of the song, and the fact that the rules of “Eurovision” participant can represent their country only with a new song.

And while many were preparing for the revision of the voting contest, the organizers voiced their opinion on this matter.

“The rules state that a song cannot be released before September 1 of the year preceding the start of the competition. Reference group of the EBU watched a video of a concert where one song Jamala. But it looked only a few hundred spectators from the moment of publishing it on YouTube, and EBU came to the conclusion that the video could not be used for commercial purposes”, – says the official statement of the organizing Committee.

Are unable to avoid commenting on the scandal with the song itself and Jamal. “Don’t worry, it was just a rehearsal. Was also used by another text, and another interpretation”, – she wrote on the social network.

The contest “Eurovision 2016”, recall, discuss for the fifth day. Many viewers are outraged by the voting of the professional jury at the event and the current results. “The jury voted for Australia, the audience – for Russia, won Ukraine” – outraged bloggers and music critics.

But really everything was fair. Just this year, scores of viewers votes were combined with the scores of the jury of representatives from the participating countries. And so it happened that the Ukrainian singer Jamal suddenly found themselves in the first place. Second place was taken by the representative of Australia, and the third is our Sergey Lazarev.

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