Olivia Wilde visited Syrian refugees

Оливия Уайлд навестила сирийских беженцев

Another star expressed his dissatisfaction with the position of the presidential candidate Donald trump on the issue of refugees.

Olivia Wilde visited the Syrian refugees camp in Amman (Jordan), where the example of the people living there tried to convey to others (even to Donald trump) that refugees should not be afraid and to shut their borders, they need help, not to turn away and not to close eyes to the problem.

Оливия Уайлд навестила сирийских беженцев

On his page on Instagram Olivia posted a photo of Syrian girls, looking at which the heart is not schemitsya just can’t. “The next time you hear that someone – maybe even a loser named Donald trump says that the Syrian refugees need to suspect something and not to let the country, remember this face,” wrote the actress, accompanied post a photo.

“These children deserve our compassion. In her reality, Donald trump would not have survived five minutes,” said the actress.

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